What is the Lifetime Membership?

When you buy Lotto Logic or Lottery Looper, the Lifetime membership entitles you to all future upgrades and new versions of each particular product for absolutely nothing, they are all free!

It literally is a one time fee!

You have the peace of mind and comfort of knowing that you will never be asked to pay again, either it be upgrades or new versions.

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5 comments on “What is the Lifetime Membership?
  1. Gabe says:

    I can attest to those who may wonder how Lifetime, i bought lotto logic version 1.0 well over 10 years ago and they are now up to version 7.1.1.

    I bought a new Windows 8.1 PC last week, and could not find my Lotto Logic codes, emailed support and within a few hours i was back in business with my codes, no BS at all.

    I have since purchased Lottery Looper to go along with my new 8.1 machine (loving the loop btw) with the same confidence and satisfaction of knowing I’m never going to be hassled for more money, and only have to look forward to years and years of free upgrades, new features, and new versions all absolutely free.

  2. Robyn says:

    It’s true i lost my codes when i bought a new 8.1 laptop, i emailed support and voila! My codes with in a few hours, for both lotto logic and lottery looper, THANKS YOU!!! Best customer service ever. I was also using L**** P** and am not anymore or ever again, first it isn’t that good to begin with and printer options never works and the updated numbers are normally wrong, i only bought their POS less than a year ago and they want me to pay again?????

    It’s nice to deal with a company that values their customers!!! Thank you again!

  3. Bill says:

    Thanks for my codes guys, just want others to know that they do honor their lifetime membership, been a lotto logic customer for 15 years now, i too upgraded to a new 8.1 PC, which windows 8 is really good i don’t know what the fuss is all about, anyway downloaded lotto logic could not find my codes from 15 years ago emailed support and got my codes within a few hours. The experience i had with the other lottery software i use left much to be desired, they gave me some song and dance about bla bla bla, ultimately they would not give the code back and wanted me to purchase it again which I’m not as it can’t even get one number right, lotto logic no hassle i got my codes thanks you thank you and to thank you i just bought lottery looper to show how grateful i am, and OMG the lottery looper software IS AMAZING!!!

  4. Lou says:

    Thanks guys!!!
    I can’t tell you enough how thankful i am that you do honor your lifetime membership. My hard drive crapped out and decided to buy a new machine with 8.1. Installed Lotto Logic and started using it forgot that it was not registered as I’ve been using for a very long time, emailed you guys and was pleasantly surprised at the quick response. Thanks!

  5. Sanya says:

    That’s amazing! On Sunday evening, I told the guys at work that I felt really good about my Lottery Looper numbers. I could have looked like an idiot but ended up marveling. Now I keep being asked whats my winning streak secret, lol, Lottery Looper is exactly how all this played out.