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For our first blog let’s start with what we’re about and how we came about. A few years back I was on a mission to find one, just one decent lottery software program, I searched and searched, must have tried every single one out there. In the end the majorities were disguised random generators with some fancy coin phrase that sounds great but were simply an exercise in futility, and the worst part, all had an exorbitant price tag. So… I spun up a little program for myself and titled it Lotto Logic: Version 1.

Lotto Logic was born.

Being on CompuServe at the time I shared Lotto Logic freely, but I started receiving a large number of requests to make it work for other lotto player’s lotteries, being allot of work I charged a modest fee for modifications and people were more than happy with their customized program. One day I received an email from a customer whom said it best. “This by far the best lottery software out there, can’t you make it universal, configurable for everyone and charge a flat fee?” Good idea! Back to the drawing board and drum roll please…

Lotto Logic Version 2 was born. The rest is history as they say.

What we are about is simple. We are all about delivering cutting edge lottery software with a simple interface designed with the user in mind. Taking but a few minutes to become familiar with our products provide the user with everything one needs to play the lottery intelligently. Our singular focus is to deliver the most effective and efficient means to capture positive numbers for your lottery as possible.

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    • admin says:

      Yes you can.

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