What is the best lottery software? What is best for you?

4 September 2021
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What is the best lottery software is the most asked question we recieve. You’re asking us so obviously our answer will be all of them, however there are some things to consider.

More specifically it all depends on whichever product or products resonate with you the most, as that will be the lottery software that works best for you. If Lotto Logic really clicks with you and the others don’t, then just get Lotto Logic, don’t worry about the other two.

If you’re just starting out Lotto Logic is probably the best place to start, and where Lotto Logic excels along with Lottery Looper is not only do they offer a plethora of features such as odds/evens, highs/lows etc. they answer the most important question when using lottery software, how many past draws should you use. They do this by hunting down trends revealing how many past draws would have given the absolute highest possible odds.

Lottery Looper is also a very popular option as well, and where it differs from Lotto Logic is it displays the entire pool of your lottery through an easy-to-understand color coded display, where all lotto balls change position and color depending on how many pasts draws you adjust it to. Then again, how many past draws should you use? Lottery Looper Range Locator to the rescue.

Lotto Effect is a more advanced product where it offers a massive amount of information in a pleasing, easy to understand interface. It separates itself from other lottery software by discovering numbers gaining momentum through forward trending patterns. Although it’s more advanced it’s really not that hard to use or understand once you become more familiar with how to use it. You’re in full control of all decisions. It also sports a persistent pool you can build, tweak, and modify every draw. All in all, it’s very easy to use.

Finding out which products click best with you the most is easy enough to find out as we don’t hide behind a paywall. They are all 100% free lottery software to try, feel free to check them out for as long as you want, as there is no time limit, and no feature restrictions to hold you back either, no ads as well. Ad free website and software as well, only high-quality lottery software options which makes real world sense, no hype, no gimmicks, no hocus pocus nonsense.

Initially after we released Lottery Looper we didn’t offer bundles, but not long after Lottery Looper arrived, we started receiving many emails where people wanted to buy both Lotto Logic and Lottery Looper and we were asked why not offer a bundle with a discount. Always listening to the community, we introduced the (Lotto Logic, Lottery Looper) bundle, and now with the arrival of Lotto Effect we offer the complete collection as well. Bought individually it really adds up.

Although many lotto players take full advantage of the complete collection bundle, can’t blame them, it’s a smart purchase as you’re getting Lottery Looper for free, It’s a hell of deal. But that doesn’t mean you have to, if Lottery Looper is your jam, then just get that one.

It all comes down to what your lottery strategy is, and which product or products feel the most comfortable to use.

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