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When it comes to homing in on those winning lottery numbers the first thing you will want to know is what are the best lottery software tools for the job, and second with this in mind seek the advice of any lotto pro so that they can save you time and money. Indeed they will all have specifically the exact same answers, Lotto Logic, Lottery Looper, and Lotto Effect. In other words, you are without any doubt whatsoever in the right place.
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Signature Process! Knowing how many past draws to analyze is integral for selection of future draws, and anything else is pure guesswork. Lottery Looper together with Lotto Logic which both use our signature range analysis process because they both uniquely remove the guesswork so you can take complete control of your lottery today.
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So What Lottery Software Do I Use?
That’s how I came to decide that Lottery Looper is the prediction tool for me. It does just enough without ramming in a ton of extra features that a) you will never use, and/or b) don’t make any sense in the real world. Which is partly what makes it a lot easier to use than most software tools. The finest Lottery Software and Prediction Tools 2021 [Approved]
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Lotto Effect helps you select numbers using its Forward Trending Technology by using a persistent pool, you can build, tweak, and modify every draw. Enabling you too reduce the numbers you use to create tickets for the next draw therefore for future draws beyond the next as well.
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What is the best lottery software?
The amount of lottery prediction software available nowadays seems to be almost infinite. New programs are released regularly and all harp on about the same thing—their own unique ability to make sure that YOU WILL BECOME THE NEXT JACKPOT WINNER. The way in which the actual software works is the one place where Lotto Effect separates itself from the many other clone programs that are available online today.
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The worlds most popular and also notably the easiest to use Lottery Software above all! After all, features such as Range Finder, as well as Range Tracker technology and in addition to thousands of satisfied winning customers worldwide are likewise what expressly made Lotto Logic the recognized global leader of lottery prediction software by and large.
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Lotto Logic Professional comes packed with smart and handy features for helping you increase the chances of winning the lottery, and is suitable for rookies and professionals. Searches through the entire database in order to find the best range of past draws.
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First, It's all about increasing those odds, and second, the tools do that are right here! Better Information, will always equal better lotto predictions!
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  • Arthur Patrick from Amberg, Wisconsin writes:
    Very Useful – I have been using Lotto Logic Pro for a few weeks now and have found it to be very useful. So useful, I won $750 playing the Wisconsin SuperCash game the first time out on a $10 play!
  • Marc Reed from Whiting, New Jersey writes:
    Snap! – I won $940.00 playing the New Jersey lotto the first time I used the Lottery Looper!
  • Candi Arnold writes:
    In less than a month of using Lotto Effect I won $2122.00!!! With other systems i have won a total of nothing, well actually negative the cost of the money to find out what's hiding behind the paywall door, never again going to fall for that, now i know why they need to hide.
  • Joseph Grady from London, Ohio writes:
    I downloaded Lotto Logic Pro Wednesday. – Played the Ohio Classic Lotto with the range of 18 and hit 5 of 6 numbers. The ticket is worth $57,000.00. Thanks for such a great program… I highly, highly, highly recommend it!!!.”
  • Jimmy Molloy from Florida writes:
    Both work well – Hello, I wanted to let you know that I won $65 on our Cash 3 using Lotto Logic Pro and proceeded later on to win $937 playing our Fantasy 5 game using Lottery Looper.
  • Jax Gallagher from Melbourne, Australia writes: I'm pretty impressed with Lotto Effect. In only my first few weeks, i got 5 numbers which were all together in one line, grand prize $4654. Thanks for your program and keep up the good work my dudes!!!
  • Cid Peters from Oakland Park, Florida writes:
    Just to let you know – Last night I was playing Florida Cash 3 and Play 4. I used lottery looper’s range locator and it recommended a cutoff of 15. I hit both games boxed in one night, UNBELIEVABLE!!! You have an amazing app.
  • Michelle Wilson from Hayward, Wisconsin writes:
    I won $250K – I’m writing as I wanted to let you know that I won $250,000 playing the Wisconsin Super Cash game. I hit all 6 numbers by playing hot numbers in Lotto Logic Pro. I used the range system with 12 tickets. Thanks!
  • Wendy from California writes:
    I WON THE FIRST TIME! – I downloaded the program on Wednesday, played Saturday’s Super Lotto drawing and won $2,400.00! This program is not only easy to use it really works too.
  • Desiree Ross from Garland, Texas writes:
    I can’t believe it – I won $1,420.00 playing the Texas lotto, this thing is real!

Read more lottery software reviews from real customers

Jacob Rusniak from Granite City, Illinois writes:
Show me the money – I used range finder to select numbers to play the Illinois Lucky Day Lotto using a range of 18 and 5 tickets and another with 5 numbers and 8 tickets. I won $38,829.50 with the 8 number and $273.00 with the 5 number! I previously used your lottery software the same wheeling system to play the Missouri Show Me Cash game and won over $39,000.

Hudson Price from Laguna Hills, California writes:
Always winning something, incredible! – Writing to let you know, I have won something every single time I have played using your lottery software program! Sometimes it’s only a free ticket, and I have won several 4 of 5’s at times and also numerous multiples. Thank you so so much!”

“I want to update you with regards to how impressed I am with your software. I started playing the lottery here about month ago and used your software to pick the numbers to play. The first time I played I won $450. The second time I won $86. The third time… I was the sole winner of a 7.5 Million jackpot! Your software is so easy to use and makes playing the lottery not only fun, but profitable too. Thanks so much for such a useful product!” Kris from Georgia

Abilene Gabin from Hollywood, California writes:
New Version – Congratulations for the new version of Lottery Looper it’s Gold baby Gold i tell ya. I think it is perfect. Thanks! Great new feature i simply LOVE IT!

Colorado Lottery:
Lottery Winner – Congratulations! Greg won $9.9 million in the Colorado Lottery thanks to Lottery Looper.

Billy Johnson from Hamilton, Ohio writes:
Classic Lottery – I wanted to inform you that the recommendation was 28 past draws with 36 games entered for the Ohio Classic lottery and I matched 5 numbers in one line for $1521 not only that no it doesn’t stop there i also had another 4 numbers in 3 rows, yes count em three rows for a total of an additional 340. This is an amazing breakthrough program!”

Michael Billings from Plano, Texas writes:
I swear by it now too – I used to play our local lotto years ago but the best i would normally do was 2 of 5 numbers rarely 3, in a nutshell i was paying not playing. At work a couple weeks ago a friend at lunch was talking about your Looper and he swears it works, so… I decided to use it too to help me play. I swear by it now too, i only used it three times and won 4 out of 5 numbers on the Texas Cash Five, I won a total of $547. I only spent about 20 bucks on tickets and where that would be normally be 20 bucks out the window, lol. Thx!

Robert Bills from Cocoa, Florida writes:
Time Tested – I have tremendous success with your range tracker technology…after 2 years i’m nearing $90,000 as the first of this month.

Peter Shinkoda from Missouri writes:
My lottery pool thanks you – My Lotto Pool, the “The Lucky Ducks” has hit 5 numbers 27 times using the program. We normally play Powerball and Missouri lotteries. While we haven’t hit the big one as of yet, we have been winning consistently enough to know its in our best interest to continue using your strategies. We normally play out the number system with a range of 18, and since there are 12 of us we get 12 games or tickets. The best part is none of us has had to donate any of our own money to the pool in years since we started to use them, if anything we seem to always be lining our pockets with some extra cash.”

Jonathan Lindell from Houston, Texas writes:
I won over $510,000 – I won over $510,000 playing the Texas Cash 5 lottery and Lotto Texas since I started using Lotto Logic Pro. Most of it was on a single win beginning of this year playing lotto Texas i regularly play and win small amounts. Before the big win I had also has won 1950.00 playing the Texas Pick 3 game using lottery Looper, this stuff works!, Thanks!

Cadence Adkins writes:
In only two weeks – In the first two weeks of using Lotto Logic Pro I won $1922.00.

Liam Cahall from Inglewood, California writes:
Best lotto software available – I love the latest versions of Lotto Logic Pro and Lottery Looper, especially with the ability to know the ranges to create powerful numbers to play the lotto with, mostly I really appreciate the ease of use compared to other lotto software, you have made available to the public a powerful system that is easy to use. I find using this software eliminates the necessity of creating my own numbers by using several other systems, nice to only have to use one to produce results. Been using lotto logic for many many years and now lottery looper since beta, i can honestly post that i’ve won well over 100 k with these systems.

Colin from New York writes, Love it! – I have three different types of lottery software that I have purchase over the years and I’ am kicking them to the curb, Lotto Logic is great stuff and is Excellent Software bar none. Thank You!!!
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Works with all lotteries worldwide including all of the United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey and the United Kingdom. Any lottery games for other countries can be added.

Effectively Lotto Logic, Lottery Looper and Lotto Effect work with all lottery games World Wide; Pick 2, Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, Pick 6, Pick 7 up to 10 (24 for Lotto Effect), PowerBall and Mega Million type lotteries as well, even Keno types, all lotteries World Wide are supported. You can also check your tickets for any lottery as well a point often overlooked, in addition any florida lottery result and find out if you’re a Florida lottery winner number. Inasmuch as check mega millions numbers, in addition to checking powerball numbers, jackpot powerball winning numbers, lottery number, powerball numbers for lottery result.

​Therefore when it comes to picking your lottery numbers, our lottery software has proven to be the best lottery prediction software for the lottery beginner or professional.

Our lottery software predicts the best numbers to play based on a statistical analysis of the previously drawn numbers.

​Discover today why our lottery analysis tools are rated the best for making informed lottery choices. Play the lottery with control, not guesswork.​

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