About Lotto Effect!

What is Lotto Effect?


Ever wonder what numbers are gaining momentum? Who doesn’t? This is where Lotto Effect comes in to answer this vexeing question. A completely brand new concept, Lotto Effect helps you select numbers using it’s Forward Trending Technology. Using a persistent pool you can build, tweak, and modify every draw to reduce the numbers you use to create tickets for the next draw and future draws beyond the next.

Lotto Effect is all about the triple… PPP, Patterns, Percentages and Points. The interface may seem complex at first, but once you start to use it you’ll be overwhelmingly pleased at how easy it is to use. In addition when you realize the depth of information which can be obtained by simply observing patterns, percentages and points, in time you’ll be very pleased with your results.

Percentages along with Points are used to assist in selection of numbers for your personal pool. When a number is at 100% gain, you’ll be able to observe on the main display its patterns and cross reference its points, so even though a 100% gain is true, there may not be many numbers in the pattern and points to support this gain. More depth explanation is provided within the manual.

During selection of tickets you’ll be provided with exceptional features to facilitate iits creation, with features such as color indicators and tagging individual numbers within the ticket, also percentage and points information is at the ready for each number.

Also even checking your tickets has never been more informative and exciting as you enter the winning numbers you’ll be presented with information of how many times the number appeared in your lotto tickets, and most importantly whether or not they are in your persistent pool.

Lotto Effect was designed and built form the ground up with future expansion in mind. We could not be more excited to deliver all this to you in the years to come, and yes all free with your one-time purchase. The price is higher than our average and to be honest that’s to cover some very surprising unexpected features coming which are currently in production.