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Lotto Effect Has Arrived!!!

A completely brand new concept, Lotto Effect helps you select numbers using its Forward Trending Technology. Using a persistent pool you can build, tweak, and modify every draw to reduce the numbers you use to create tickets for the next draw and future draws beyond that. Enjoy!

With the release of Lotto Effect you may ask, Is that it for Lottery Looper? The answer is, absolutely not. As Lotto Logic fans already know how much Lotto Logic improved over the years, and once again with Lottery Looper (so far…), the best part was, all updates, all new features, completely brand new versions, were 100% free since original purchase.

Provided below are some screenshots of the original Lotto Logic, Lotto Logic v2, and Lotto Logic v7 as of today. Also added an original Lottery Looper launch screenshot and Lottery Looper as of today only a few short years after it launched. What will Lotto Effect look not too far from now?

This is only the beginning of amazing features and future updates coming for Lotto Effect lottery software, and still much more coming for Lottery Looper as well. Lotto Logic remains as popular today as it always been and is still being calibrated and supported.

Another question asked is do they need to be used in conjunction with one another? Not at all is the simple answer. Each one is fine-tuned and improved over years and years to the highly rated and trusted lottery program’s they are today. The other answer being; They most certainly can be if you wish.

Another commonly asked question is which one do i pick? This comes down to personal preference and strategy choice, some people prefer lotto logic, some prefer lottery looper, and some prefer lotto effect, and as many prefer them all. One of the main differences is Lotto Logic is a more mature complete product where Lottery Looper still has much more planned and Lotto Effect is completely new with a very long exciting road map planned.

Essentially, whichever one you are comfortable with, clicks for you, or just plain feels right, that will be the one you’ll have the most success with.

If the easy to use Lotto Logic is to your liking then that’s the perfect choice for you. Everyone has different preferences and Lottery Looper is first choice for many as it is more granular with a much broader spectrum of options and choices over Lotto Logic. Now, Lotto Effect although very easy to use, is a more roll up the sleeves and dig in to the plethora of strategies one can develop and hone over time using this lottery program. No matter what you choose, if you like it, then it is without a doubt the right choice.

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