Lotto Effect Manual

Everything you need to know to get started.


Lotto Effect is so easy to use, the light concept video explains it all in under 4 minutes.

 Click here for a Light Concept Overview video (updated videos coming soon)

Select Lottery Numbers

The first screen “Select Lottery Numbers” is where you seek out and identify numbers gaining momentum through percentages , points and patterns. Wait till you find out how easy this is to do. This is a granular level of focusing purely on individual numbers. The trick here will be to isolate the best pools to use, which over time do start to reveal themselves. On this screen you can select any number anywhere.

1 – Your Personal Pool, this is where you save numbers of interest to assist in creating lottery tickets for future draws.

2 – Adjust pool limits, this is where you can select the max pool size and the hot zone.

3 – Percentage results are displayed here, select which set you want your results to show.

4 – Points for each number are displayed here, detailed explanation of points in Walk-through Part 1.

5 – All the winning draws entered are displayed here, as well as the pool limit and hot zone.

6 – Pattern recognition quickly displays, frequencies, pairs, triples, quadruple…

7 – The number being analyzed.

8 – Box anything and it will display the results in the corresponding 8.

Lotto Effect assists in selecting numbers using Forward Trending Technology. This is accomplished by using Percentages, Points and Patterns. With this information numbers can be added to the persistent pool which can be tweaked, and modified every draw to reduce the numbers used to create tickets for the next draw and future draws beyond that.

When starting out more time will be spent on selecting numbers to build your personal pool, less time will be spent here as it will be more about tuning and tweaking the pool. In the personal pool you can place numbers however you seem fit, use the top row for your hottest numbers, second row for cold numbers, last row for long shot numbers (example rare appearance numbers)

Lotto Effect was built with flexibility, long term growth and expansion in mind.

Finding numbers of interest is easy but meticulous at the same time, you’re just starting out so it will take some time to get your pool running hot, but when it does, as proven time and time again with customer feedback, you’ll be quite excited and very happy with your results as they all have been.

Let’s get to it. Selecting how large your pool will be is the start of your strategy. Let’s use 90 past draws as a reference to explain how this works. Blue rows will display the limit you set and red will display the hot zone. When selecting a hot zone it’s best to keep it within one third and two third’s of your pool limit, meaning with a 90 draw pool you’ll want to keep the hot zone within 30 and 60 draws.

What is happening is Lotto Effect activates its Forward Trending Technology and produces every numbers percentage gain. Some numbers may not be gaining and will results with 0%. Some numbers will result in 100% gain and this is where points come in to play. If a number is in the hot zone, it will be awarded 2 points, and if in the blue zone while also present in the hot zone it will be granted 1 point.

Points will only support numbers with percentage gains. They are crucial to assisting in identifying the best percentage gains; lets take two numbers, 12 and 24 and both have 100% gain, 12 only appeared once in the hot zone earning 2 points, but 24 appeared 4 times in the hot zone earning 8 points, that’s pretty substantial 100% 8 point gain over a 100% 2 point gain. Basically points assist in revealing strong percentage gains.

Points are also used to quickly identify strong numbers. Using the points display at the bottom of Select Lottery Numbers screen. Scroll along and click on numbers with strong points is another way to get started in locating numbers for your personal pool.

There are two sets you can use to display percentage gains, however you do not need to use both, if you feel it does not fit your strategy, only utilizing one is perfectly strong option too. The basic concept of two sets is to deepen and expand on the results of percentage gains.

Lets use 90 and whether you want to use set one or two is up to you. The only difference will be what side you want to view the stronger result on. This will make sense in a moment. Of 90 draws, we used 48 for the hot zone and captured it on Set 1. The concept is to tighten down the pool, meaning a lower overall pool for the opposite set, (this isn’t a recommendation but only one of many different schools of thought on varying strategies), OK, lets get microscopic on the hot zone we selected for Set 1 with 48 in the hot zone with 90 overall and set our overall pool for Set 2 to 48. For this hot zone as recommended we want to keep it within one and two third’s of this 48 pool, so between16 and 32, and we set it for 22 then apply F.T.T on set 2.

In this example the larger percentage gain in set 2 will be numbers you are watching out for during ticket creation, vice versa, if you used set 2 for a broader range then set 1 with a more focused range to locate larger gains of interest.

Patterns are extremely useful to observe frequencies as well as how often a number is drawn several times in a row, as in doubles or triples, and how long it has or has not appeared. Numbers with regular, fairly consistent occurrences will be of much more interest than numbers that rarely occur. Patterns are easily discovered using the two displays 5 and 6 from the Select Lottery Numbers screen.

Create Lottery Tickets

Here is where tickets are created using all the information, Percentages, Points and Patterns.

1 – Set 1 percentages and points.

2 – Set 2 percentages and points.

3 – Your Personal Pool.

4 – Ticket creator.

5 – Displays patterns over winning draws.

6 – History of tickets created during current session.

7 – Controls, Select will shuffle, Keep will save, detailed explanation in Walk-through Part 2.

8 – Saved Tickets for next draw.

There is so much control over Creating Tickets for play in Lotto Effect. You can be as granular as you want or not at all. The controls are so powerful that they may lead you to feel the need to control every single number, while this is within your power, and a very viable strategy for some, it’s at the same time not allowing for variances either.

The most common way to create a ticket will be to hold only a few numbers for a couple tickets then let them go after a few are saved, release them and start a completely new fresh set of numbers.

Let’s run though several ways to get started selecting and creating tickets.

Upon clicking Select Lotto Effect will shuffle out a set of numbers. One of the first ways to locate numbers of interest would be to identify whether any are in your personal pool, indicted by the bluish highlight in the personal pool.

You can tag the number and have Lotto Effect shuffle replacement numbers for the ones not tagged. You can also use the percentages above the number, or switch to points or set results as well. Clicking above the number will highlight it by color to easily view the pattern in the history display, identify within your pool, and in your current created tickets.

Want to quickly create a set of tickets? One option would be to let how many of the current shuffle are in your personal pool, for example say we need to select 5 numbers and after you shuffle only 1 is from your personal pool, shuffle again and now 3 are from your personal pool, keep it.

Check Lottery Tickets

The third screen “Check Lottery Tickets” is a combo screen of checking your tickets while at the same time is keeping your winning draw history updated.

1 – Winning draw numbers being entered.

2 – Lottery information, Controls for favorite numbers website.

3 – Saved Tickets.

4 – Controls for entering winning draw numbers.

5 – All winning draws history.

6 – Personal Pool.

7 – Set 1, if created on select lottery numbers screen.

8 – Set 2, if created on select lottery numbers screen.


Entering the winning draw not only checks your tickets, it’s also a way of gauging how well your strategy is working overall as well, maybe your tickets only had a few matches but were they in your personal pool or not is an indication too.

On the ticket screen you can expand from the left and reveal which pool limits you were using. This helps in judging what pool limits you might want to use in creating tickets for the next draw. Numbers with many ticket hits and/or in your personal pool, is a great starting point for pool limits in the next round of adjusting your personal pool and selecting tickets for the next draw.

Click here for a quick tutorial video (updated videos coming soon)