• most common lottery numbers
    1) Set 1 percentages and points.
    2) Set 2 percentages and points.
    3) Your personal pool.
    4) The main display of the ticket being created.
    5) Past results.
    6) All tickets created during current session.
    7) Ticket creation options.
    8) Saved tickets for the next draw.
  • On the Create screen you only interact with main ticket creation screen which is item 4 the ticket creation and item 7 ticket options. This is to maintain focus on creating tickets. Using your personal pool as a guide clicking the select button will give you a mix of numbers from your lotteries pool of numbers. When a number from your personal pool is in the mix of numbers you can tag it, meaning it will be held when clicking Select again.

    All the important information from the select lottery numbers screen is provided here for reference without having to switch back to that screen. You can click above a number and a color will be assigned, if you do not like the color, click again until one you prefer for that number is provided.

    The color will identify its location for easy reference on the past lottery’s history, your created tickets so far, and in the sets of 1 and 2, its points and percentages. You can also use the tickets options, item 7, and single out points and or percentages on the main ticket screen.

    When you are happy with a ticket set select keep and it will be permanently stored for the next draw. There is also a running history of every ticket created during the current session which you could recall any ticket previously created. Of note when the program is closed the running history will not be saved where your saved created tickets will be.

    On the right just above your saved created tickets item 8, there is a little plus symbol. Clicking it provides additional options. You can show your running history. To select and bring back a ticket from the running history, click the very left box as show in this video here.

  • When you have a large amount of numbers in your personal pool one popular option is to keep ones which match several of the numbers form your personal pool. This provides a mix within your numbers.

    You can also control as much of the selection as you want, as shown in this video above. Tag as many numbers as you want, highlight as many as you want for reference, of note too many colors can be confusing it’s best to only highlight a few at a time.

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