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Who better to attest the true value of our software than those who have purchased the programs and use them on a regular basis. ​Here's what some real customers say about our Lottery software.

Milan Gajic from Geneva, Switzerland:

Euro Millions – I’ve been using Lotto Logic Pro to play the Euro Millions game here in Switzerland. I’m pleased to report that I used the range feature, played a combo of hot and due numbers and won two weeks in a row. Great software!
“I bought Lotto Logic Pro a while ago and it more than paid for itself, recently i bought Lottery Looper and it quickly has given me serveral winners from the pick 3, Rolling Cash 5 and Classic Lotto. Put it this way enough that i’m going to use the money to spoil my mum and take me and my husband and kids away somewhere nice. This is an amazing life changing amount for me and my family, everyone in my family was so happy for us. I had a feeling I was going to have a big win when I bought lottery looper and started playing with it! Thank you guys. Regards Beth”
lotto wizard

Bethany Davies

Cincinnati, Ohio
Hit 5 numbers – I wanted to write you and let you know that last night I hit 5 numbers on the Florida Lotto with Lottery Looper using 22 past draws as recommended by the locator.

Nick Frankland

Deerfield Beach, Florida
Lotto Logic Pro just paid for itself ? – I purchased Lotto Logic 2 weeks ago and been using it to play the New York lottery. I used Lotto Logic Pro’s suggestion of 12 recommended past draws and won $1,340 the other night. Lotto Logic Pro is literally worth it ?

Neil Steiger

Ripley, New York
Frequent 4 out of 6 – I used your software and frequently get the won with 4 correct out of 6. Now hoping to win with the full 6 0f 6 jackpot, wish me luck.


South Africa
I won 2.6 million playing the Colorado lottery using Lotto Logic as a guide to select numbers, i’m going with 25 installments so i don’t blow it all at once. It’s a hell of good feeling i’ll tell ya. Thanks!

Ron Wilkinson

"Best Results! My best results since using Lotto Logic Pro was a win of $741.00 on a $5 set of tickets using a range of 26. My best results since using Lottery Looper was $1100 on a set of 5 tickets on the same game different draw dates though. As i said these are the best programs for results available!"
lotto guru

Nathan Moore

New Zealand
On to something – I bought your Lottery Looper about 2 weeks ago. I hit 7 small wins out of 15 tickets i played using 12 past draws as the locator suggested, you are on to somthing here as no other program or system i’ve used can pull that off, anyway, your Lottery Looper works!

Scott Potocki

Las Vegas, Nevada
Average wins have increased as I have to admit that the amount of times i win with your program using one five dollar ticket on the cash 5 Texas Lotto has dramatically increased. I normally set the range using the tracker and use 2 hot and 2 low and one of my own numbers. Haven’t hit any big oines yet but you do notice the information advantage your software provides, i couldn’t imagine playing without it now. I can say i’m way ahead of what i usually spend on the lottery as a month or so back I won 4 out of 5 places in the cash 5 for $360. I highly recommend your program to everyone interest in playing the lottery intelligently.

Piers Bourdain

San Antonio, TX
I approve this software! – Hello I want to say thank you so many times for your program. I have been using the program for quite a while now and i remember back when i won right off the start, I hit several draws in a row playing the lotto actually. It was about $500.00 dollars on a cash 3 ticket in my state of Florida. I also hit in Fantasy 5 and Mega as well with some nice win returns. I found you through the internet, when i went to tell some of my friends about your software, they already knew hahaha. It works, not much more to say except… Thanks!


Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Knowledge is power – I always passed on software for the lotto as pure scams, i was out one night at the horse races and meet up with this one fellow who was very much into the stats for playing the horses and long story short, i mentioned how he was so into the stats and he said bluntly “It’s the only correct way to play and win, it’d be like playing the lotto with no knowledge” I then asked hiom you play the lotto this way too? His reply and no lie, “Lotto Logic, look it up, thank me the next time you see me.” So i took his advice and viola, win, win, win sure they aren’t million wins but i can honestly say my wins have rocketed, so yeah i owe him a big thanks and am also writing just to say THANKS to you guys.

Jack Wright

I was the lucky winner – I am the lucky winner of the Australia Lotto!!!!!!!! The 1st division prize was shared between 8 winning tickets. I used your system and created 4 tickeets through which one hit and I received a total prize of $189,000.00. You will interested to know I had compiled my numbers through your program using a range of 18 as determined by the range locator. Your program is the one when it comes to playing the lottery. THANKS!!!!!!
lottery fanatic

Julie Franco

Lotto Effect is the best lottery software i have ever had the pleasure to use, also won me several substantial prizes playing Plus Lotto in Liechtenstein. Thank You for this program!


Regularly hit three – I won just over $1200 playing the Texas Lotto. Lottery Looper hit 5 out of 6 numbers where i notice it regularly hit 3 with an average of low 20’s of past draws, hitting 5 numbers using this program made me happy i bought it.

Kip Thorne

Conroe, Texas
Recently won – The statistical tools incorporated in Lotto Looper Pro are surprisingly quite good. Based on the locator and information for advised picks, I won second place in the New Jersey Pick-6 Lottery! It’s helped me decide, we’re going to finally take that family trip!

Brenda Cook

New Jersey
OMG!! – I matched the Indiana Daily 3 for $750.00 playing a straight pick “248” that I created using lotto looper with a range of 25 as suggested. I ordered Lottery Looper this morning with the utmost confidence in your program and support. Thank you!

Jeff Green

Muncie, Indiana
A solid concept – Hello, I noticed that you properly use prediction optimization where as no other program out there does. They all do wheeling which is of no use; and not serving any purpose towards reducing your odds.
Also the concept i read in one strategy is to not play any number set that has ever won? When you introduced the concept of that old data is useless because they change machines and balls randomly makes complete sense and throws a real wrench into these other concepts, they can’t argue with the truth.
Thank you for a solid design concept, range finder, i win more often with lottery looper than any other program out there and i feel strongly it’s due to this software’s solid foundation, and not hocus pocus BS, then you get these other clowns giving you somewhere around 10 years of data, like they want you to lose or something, obviously they only want my money.
It’s good to know that a company out there has our best interest in mind, and i imagine that’s just good business in the long run.

Steven Poash

Polk City, Florida
Simply the best! – I downloaded the Lotto Logic Pro a few weeks back. I remember the second time I played the California Fantasy 5 and got 4 tickets with 3 numbers and one free play. I’ve spent well over $100 with other systems with no results even close to this, i only wish I’d found your site much sooner! I use your program for 3 and 5 numbers daily, simply it is the best!

Dean Addel

Rosamond, CA
Jersey Cash 5 – I have been using Lotto Logic Pro for 5 months now. In this time I have won over $2,900.00 playing the Jersey Cash 5 usually spend about $22.00 a day, on average. Just purchased your lottery looper program today as well. Thanks for the meaningful software systems that work!!!!!!!!!


Trenton, NJ
Thanks! – My wife and I have won approximately $22,249.00 using Lottery Software over the years. It is without any doubt the best program we have ever used for playing the New Jersey Pick 4. Your new program lottery looper has given us the extra money we have been looking for to enjoy a few extras in life. We win so regular with these programs that the lottery agent knows our names! 🙂

Samual Graddy

New York
Straight out of the box – It really works!!!!! I downloaded, picked my favorite game Powerball and won my first win in 10 draws. Thank you!!! Now I am in my 5th week of using Lottery Looper and I purchased your program as the unlimited time trial proved it has the value. Still $790.00 ahead and of course I will let you know when I hit the full Jack Pot of 100K i have come so close so many times it seems like only a matter of time for a big hit soon.

Brod Pete

Waterloo, Iowa

Gail Hough from the UK writes:

Great News,
Last night in the UK I decided to not be overly zealous so i decided to only play hot numbers and won £250.00 on my 1st serious attempt using your program. I normally play the lottery on Roll Over and this is the 3rd win I’ve had since using the program in this year. Total winnings to date from your program about £600.00 and total spent on the lottery is £100.00 excellent results i can see now why everyone recommends lotto logic. Just bought lottery looper I’ll let you know how i make out.
Lotto Logic

Tia Walburn from Kentucky writes:

Easiest to use! I’ve downloaded your version of Lotto Logic Pro i was using it to pick numbers and got 4 numbers right on the Kentucky 6/42 game and I’m impressed! I was using Gail Howard software that I bought and cost well over a hundred dollars and I didn’t understand it all. I’ve tried your software and got numbers correct the first time. I think Gail Howard’s Smart Luck software is ancient out of date and nothing but a cash grab because how does yours works like it claims too and hers doesn’t and not only that it looks out of date.
Lotto Effect
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