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What is Lotto Logic Pro?


Lotto Logic Pro!

Works with all lottery games; Pick-3, Pick-4, Pick 5, Pick-6 and Pick-7 all the way through to Pick-10. Up to 2 bonus numbers can be used for games such as PowerBall or Mega Millions, it can also handle games such as Keno and Quinto only to name a few. Lotto Logic is the #1 rated award winning lottery software as it is the only lotto program out there which actually works and not only that it’s really easy to use. Features such as range finder, range tracker technology and thousands of satisfied winning customers worldwide are what made lotto logic the recognized global leader of lottery software. It handles well over 95% of today’s lotteries worldwide. It allows selections of numbers from those hit most often to those that seldom win as well as quick picks and personal choices.

Range Finder is one of the many powerful features you will find in Lotto Logic, and it’s also what sets Lotto Logic apart from all other software. Instead of relying on static sets of past draws for results Lotto Logic will run through the entire database of past draws and find the best range or ranges of past draws for you to select numbers from. Enter results to build the database and update the frequency tables. Online context sensitive help is available as are graphing, printing and data saving. Lotto Logic Professional also has many built in features and frequency analyzers. Download a copy today and give it a go you’ll be glad you did as so many others have discovered. With the increasing amount of customers who have been successful using Lotto Logic Professional the concern for privacy has also grown.