Where is the Lotto Logic Manual?

What is the Lifetime Membership?

When you buy Lotto Logic or Lottery Looper, the Lifetime membership entitles you to all future upgrades and new versions of each particular product for absolutely nothing, they are all free!

It literally is a one time fee!

You have the peace of mind and comfort of knowing that you will never be asked to pay again, either it be upgrades or new versions.

How many past entries should I start with Lotto Logic?

We recommend starting with 20 to 30 past entries from the date you start to use Lotto Logic and then begin tracking the best ranges. Please read the help file “Concepts and Strategies” for more in depth explanation.

How many past draws whould i start with Lottery Looper?

Based on customer feedback 10 draws is a perfect start.

How do I change the software settings, i.e. the range of numbers for the bonus (which has increased in my case)

If any rules (settings) for your lottery change, then all your old data is useless because the machines and balls have definitely changed. This is a Lotto Logic and Lottery Looper safeguard to prevent you from using any useless data. Start a new file with your new lottery rules (settings), and only use drawings since the change occurred.

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