• what lottery numbers show the most
    1) Winning draws numbers.
    2) Options displayed by clicking the plus symbol on the left top side of the calendar.
    3) Tickets results.
    4) Enter winning draws numbers.
    5) Past lottery results.
    6) Your personal pool.
    7) Set 1 percentages and points.
    8) Set 2 percentages and points.
  • This is a combo screen as when entering past draws it will also check your tickets at the same time.

    When entering numbers with the auto numbers check-marked it will automatically proceed to the next box when the box is full. If it is not check marked, you hit the enter key on your keyboard to clear and advance to the next number to enter. When all the numbers of that draw have been entered click Save, and it will automatically be added to your lottery’s history. All screens will be cleared when any change is made to the lotteries history.

    For lotteries with 2-digit numbers you can enter a zero before entering a single digit number. For example, if 9 was entered you would have to use the enter key to advance, however you enter 09 it will advance automatically. For pick type lotteries where all the numbers are single digit the program knows this and will advance automatically for you.

    When a number is entered that number will automatically be checked with your created tickets for that draw as shown in this video here. Where the numbers appear on the left just below that number are two pieces of information, first one is the number of times that number appeared in your tickets, the second one will be a yes or no of whether it was your personal pool.

    The ticket screen will also indicate by color on every ticket it appeared on. Even more each ticket will have a value on the left indicating how many numbers have hit on that ticket and the more hits will change the color to highlight that ticket.

    On the left of the calendar is a little plus symbol, click it to reveal more options. Use it to save your favorite site for official results, this is the only place to get numbers with 100% accuracy. Your lottery will often provide a page like this one here.
  • To delete a ticket, select the box on the immediate left and then click delete as shown here. If you make a mistake when entering numbers simply double-click the incorrect number on item 1 Winning draws numbers, it will clear, and you can enter the number again. If a draw was saved incorrectly it will have to be deleted and reentered.

    Auto date can be turned off for lotteries which have several draws on the same day. If your lottery has more than one draw on the same day use the same date. You can click the date on the calendar to change the date.

    When entering many draws at once take advantage of the Auto Save, and or the Auto New features. Auto Save will automatically save the draw once all the numbers are entered, and if Auto New is checked it will, clear all screens and start a new draw for you. View this video here.

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