• There are many, many different types of lotteries worldwide and Lotto Effect can be configured for all of them. All you need to know is what is the pool parameters, for example 0 to 9 for pick type lotteries, or 1 to 54, or 1 to 69 for more standard lotteries where there is only one pool which is being drawn from. If you have a bonus number also drawn form that pool, indicate that by changing How many bonus numbers are drawn. If there is no bonus number leave it set to zero.

    Some lotteries require the player to also select the bonus number prior to the draw, meaning you will need to fill this out on your ticket, also the number is coming from a completely different pool, unlike a straight up bonus which is just that, an extra number drawn for addition prizes.
  • The following screen is how Powerball would be configured. These lotteries are using two different pools, each pool is analyzed separately within the program as they should be.
    powerball lottery
  • As every Lotto Logic and Lottery Looper fan knows, Lotto Effect has only just begun and will grow exponentially over the next several years with new versions, features, and all 100% free with the one time purchase. Already off to an incredible start, a completely overhauled interface from version 1.0 to 1.1 to provide better overall clarity. Enjoy!

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