The Ultimate (Beginner's) Guide to Lottery Software!

22 June 2022

This beginner's guide to lottery software will help select a product with the crucial features required to play with control. When done you will understand the basics, how to get started, and how to start using lottery software properly!

The Ultimate beginner's guide to lottery software.

When starting out with lottery software for the first time, know this, you are in the right place.

This guide covers all the very basics, what to look for, how to get started, and what to keep in mind. There is no doubt new players find getting started with lottery software is much easier than initially thought.

How to use lottery software is easy with high-quality well-designed lottery products. Not so much, when they are badly designed, and stuffed with a bunch of filler features not worth anyone’s time.

Starting out, first and foremost the most extremely important crucial feature is the ability to enter, delete and maintain your own lottery database. This is such a crucial fundamental requirement!

It is without question the essential corner stone of using lottery software properly.

Without this core building block feature, you will never be able to obtain the foundation you need to build upon. Everything depends on this data being 100% accurate. It can never be expressed enough how critical this is. Without this level of accuracy and control your results will never be of any use.

One thing for certain, when you can't enter, delete, modify, or maintain your own lottery data. You’ll never be in control of your software.

All high-quality lottery software will provide this very basic feature set. It will always allow the player to enter, delete, and modify their own data the way they want. Not the way someone who only wants your money “thinks”. Worst of all, everyone else is using the exact same incorrect data too.

Be sure your lottery software provides the control you need.

If you can’t enter your own data then you are not playing the lottery with control. You are simply using someone else’s data, and downloading it full of errors. It has been proven time and again that mistakes are made from 3rd party results sites. Even more error prone are self-updating databases.

To express how critical it is that you are in full control and not playing with guesswork. We will use a highly regarded and probably the most popular strategy among the lottery player base. Time and again we've heard how successful this little lottery secret is.

It's almost too simple, yet an extremely proven effective way of boosting your odds. The secret is to delete draws. Yes, we know how that sounds, so odd thinking about it, however, the increase in wins proves otherwise.

The more back history, the worst your results will be.

Which brings us to another item to learn and that is that years and years of data is a pointless waste of time. It renders all results useless, nothing will skew your results in a highly negative way than years of data.

The common misconception is that is how lottery software works.

Which cannot be further from the truth. In one year, ten years, twenty or more, the reality is what was happening last year has zero bearing on what is happening today.

What lottery players have figured out as lotto logic has stated since its inception. Is that years and years of data is flat out the worst possible way to play the lottery. When using lottery software having full control is paramount.

When calculated out the mean average of draws lottery players maintain worldwide is. Drum roll please, 27 draws, yep, not thousands and thousands of draws, years and years, decade upon decade, of absolute garbage draw data, that is a such a pure waste of your time.

The balls in the machine endure wear and tear, the machines themselves change, break down, parts are replaced. In 30 years, it’s not the same churn as today, as it was 30 years ago, it's positively absurd that providers offer this. Heck it's not even the same churn as a year ago. Serious vendors will never offer you prefabbed databases, for one simple reason, they want you to win. Ones who do provide, only want to take your money, sad fact, but 100% true.

how to lottery software guide

This how to Lottery Software guide will help you.

The number of past draws vary from say, a pick 3 lottery to a Powerball lottery. For example, to achieve the best range of past draws players start with 30 draws. Then the next draw gauge how well your results were. Now, enter the next draw, enter the new winning numbers drawn from an "official" lottery results site. Once that is done, delete the last draw to bring it back to 30 as you just increased it to 31. Rinse, repeat and at some point delete an extra one back down to 29. Continue the cycle, work from there at a pace which feels feels right for you.

There is a lot of variety in how many past draws to use. However the basic concept is always the same. Every draw enter the winning numbers drawn, watch for an increase in positive numbers. Then delete the oldest draw to the magic number. Let’s say best results was 24, now always delete the oldest draws and maintain that 24. Next draw enter the latest and greatest winning lotto numbers, then delete the oldest entry to bring it back to 24.

You will also find range finder and range locator shine under this set up.

If self-updating database software is the path you want to continue on be sure to hand verify the thousands of drawings they have entered for 100% accuracy first. Be sure to catch all the mistakes and typos which were made. Do not be surprised if you find they simply padded the first several years to make it look good. No joke, there are plenty of fly by night lotto programs out there.

What is lottery software?

At the basic foundation of lottery software is that their roots are firmly planted in high low spread. This is base for which all lottery software is designed upon. The direct problem is most “lottery software” stop there. They provide a database full of mistakes to the unsuspecting. While leaving it at basic high low which on its own, is completely useless.

It’s great that the software will tell me which hits more, and which ones are less, but how many past draws should you calculate? I mean we’ve heard some vendors will randomly pick a recommended number of past draws to use, like 5, like ok, lmao, but why? With no reason.

You need software features such as range finder and range tracker technology which tell you precisely how many past draws to use.

This is only a beginner's guide to lottery software, we will dive in to deeper strategies in future blogs. Lottery software is huge topic of strategies, tips and tricks, we’ll elaborate in futures blogs on a much more detailed level for all players using lottery software. We'll also go in depth with Lotto Logic, Lottery Looper and Lotto Effect.

Lottery Software recommendations to be aware of.

Be mindful that recommendations such as never play the same numbers, or play odds and evens, or they are using more than a year of data. Beware of catch cheesy catch phrases like smart numbers, or compress, vtrack, deflate and most of all stay far, far, far away from wheeling.

Wheeling is of no value, all it does is create combos based on nothing. None of this is assisting in homing in on winning numbers, all of it is only other ways to “randomly” pick numbers.

Alright with that all said, if you want to use them as a way to be creative in selecting numbers then that is perfectly fine if you find joy in using such systems. You know then, then, that’s cool as all get out, seriously that is awesome and go for it, just don’t ever believe they are helping increase your odds. That fact is firmly based in fantasy.

Especially when you read, they are using data all the way back to the 80's, 70’s, anything over a year is absolutely going to skew results negatively. It's a great indicator that you are being hustled. You can only trust products which do not provided data and give you 100% control. You can only stop playing with guesswork, if you are given FULL control.

Playing the lottery is much like.

Playing the lottery is much like the expression of “You'll Never Cross the Same River Twice”. The lottery is in constant flux. Constant changes happen to the balls, the machines, parts are always going though wear and tear. The balls are changed, the machines and parts are changed as they break down, repaired, balls do get damaged.

When you really think about it, how is using decades of data of any help at all? It’s not, not even a little bit, not even slightly as all the decades of data is absolutely destroying your chances of improving your odds.

how to select lottery software

How to select good quality lottery software!

The main question is. Is the software easy to understand? Meaning does it make real world sense to begin with. Can you easily identify numbers through a pleasant easy to use interface. If it is some data graphing nightmare that's not going to be of much use.

Mostly due to the fact if no one can really understand what it's doing you'll never be able to derive any useful results. Which brings us to what are the results based on.

This is where you have to watch for coin phrases such as smart numbers, even, odds, hit, skips, deflate, wheeling then the results are of no use to you. Those are concepts not based in the real world. Wheeling has never worked with picking numbers, never has, and never be capable of increasing your odds.

Make sure you are in control, so you can play with control, not guesswork.

Can you independently run the software on your own? Meaning you are in no way relying on some provider to update the database for you. If you are, then can you at least at a bare minimum create new lotteries, create new databases, that you have complete control over? For example enter lotto draws, delete lottery draws.

When selecting lottery software the key feature to it all is the ability to maintain your own data.

Another huge reason this is so vitally important is that if the provider disappears over night then what you paid for is now useless to you. They never gave you the control you need in the first place. Now you have product that will never work again.

Beginner's Guide to Lottery Software wrap up.

We started out by giving players a program they are in complete control of, right down to entering and maintaining their own data as well.

Snake oil sales peeps started using random number generator programs with databases as a way to swindle people out of their money. In turn we started providing databases as there was a light demand for them. This also took away your control. You want 5 draws, 500 draws, 5 months, 5 years, you get what is provided, see the problem and not only that, our reports of winners plummeted.

The ability to enter your own lottery draws is a paramount key feature. When you can’t maintain your own database, you are NOT playing with control, you are playing the lottery with pure guesswork.

We went back to what works for everyone, 100% control!

Start with only a dozen draws is best, it helps familiar yourself with the data and most of all you are guaranteed 100% accuracy. Players have reported to us that other vendor’s who provide data, are often filled with completely wrong numbers, like they were padded.

Imagine winning but was provided the wrong numbers, always and only get the winning numbers from an official source. 3rd party anything is prone to user error and technical errors. Imagine wining but 3rd party vendor made a mistake, and you never knew you had won.

Avoid having to verify 5, 10, 15, 20 years’ worth of draw data for accuracy. This is before there is a chance to even begin. Start off on the right path. Far further ahead entering between 10 and 20 draws.

The ability to enter your own lottery draws is such a key feature. When you can’t maintain your own database you're playing the lottery with guesswork.

When a lottery system allows 100% ability to enter, delete draws, that is the sign of an extremely high quality product. Products hiding behind a paywall will not allow you to have this level of control. There is an extreme high chance you will not have this level of control. Remember, they are hiding it for a reason.

We hope you have found this Beginner's Guide to Lottery Software helpful. Be sure to check out some lottery software which has this level of control right out of the box. Start playing with control.

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  1. Excellent blog as usual.

    This read really got me thinking about some of my past programs and why they never got one number right, as in never, every draw not even one of the number. Now i know why.

    Great lottery software guide, gave me much to contemplate, but is use your products which give me the control i need, so i guess not much to think about haha 🙂

    Great read thanks!

  2. That all makes so much sense. I only use lottery software that gives me full control, i've had some that as you mentioned, disappear overnight, and then i could not use it anymore, lotto buster i think it was.

  3. I never thought about that, if i can't enter the draws myself, then I'm SOL if they disappear, even worse i pay for those updates which now makes me wide awake, I'll be switching away from that mess asap!

    Thanks you for this lottery software guide.

  4. THAT IS SO TRUE!!!!!!

    If i'm not in control of my own lotto data and the people that run the software disappear i'm screwed.

    Essentially i'm paying for worse results becasue they dump decades on me and other lotteries that i simply do not want, but gotta download it all. I'm out, moving to software that gives me the control i want and need, plus using the exact same data other people use makes no sense.

    Honestly, the worst thing of it all, is i pay for the updates, so in reality i'm paying to make my results worse, great, that's just peachy!

    Thanks for this seriously good intel.

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