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2 May 2021
Lottery Prediction Software: Beneath the Surface, the History.

Ahhh Lottery Looper, the most unknown piece of information about Lottery Looper is that this Lottery Prediction Software was never planned, was not on any of our road maps, we were already putting down the foundation principles for Lotto Effect which was going to be the next product in the lineup. So, what happened you’re […]

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7 March 2021
What is our Lottery Software Story? – Why did we create Lotto Logic?

Many moons ago when the internet was mainly accessed through services such as AOL, CompuServe we wanted a lottery software program to help with picking our numbers. Off we went in search of such a product but were only met with a sea of scams. There were so many scams, such a product did not […]

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2 January 2021
About lottery number generator based on previous results, the truth.

Lottery number generator based on previous results. Would you like a lottery number generator tool which would assist in selecting numbers in the real world? Help identify combinations, probabilities of numbers that have better chance of winning than from all the numbers in your lotteries pool. Can you trust most lottery number generator based on […]

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