Lottery Strategies You Would Never Believe Exist; Yet They Do!

22 September 2022

What does lottery software have in common with lottery strategies? Straight answer, everything!

Many of the lottery strategies you'll come across on the internet are not real true blue strategies. They are much more about randomly selecting numbers in different ways.

All the while telling you that you will win millions, some even offer 100% money back guarantee. Further in (no we are not making this up) some offer 100% guaranteed win, which we have explained previously.

Some of these methods are creative, that is true, but at the end of the day 100% not helpful in any way. You could have used a random number generator and would have had better results with the lotto draw.

Lottery Wheeling is not a Winning Lottery Strategy!

The biggest lottery strategy fallacy is without a doubt, Wheeling. This is a 100% waste of your time, and your money.

It's utterly useless, yet very prevalent on the interwebs as it was once a good way to trick people out of their money. One of the first, if not the first pure bogus crooked offering to lotto players.

Lottery Wheeling will not give you tickets with improved chances, there is no strategy attached to it. It is only another way of randomly selecting numbers, well the same set of random numbers in different combinations.

Wheeling in short will enable you to waste more money, that's its bottom line. That's all it does.

Not having value added supplement with each number, as you get with lottery software, is such a losing way to play the lottery. You may as well accept defeat in a the game without the help of real lottery software.

If you want value added tickets, you have to use lottery software based in the real world we all live in. Wheeling is such an unrealistic method they had to dream up Abbreviated Wheel as this is significantly smaller than the number of combinations in a Full Wheel on the same set of numbers.

The key take away here is the "same set of numbers" based on nothing! The shear volume of money required to play is so ludicrous. In that if you could afford to play that way, it would be doubtful you'd opt to throw away your fortune on lotto wheeling.

If you want randomly selected numbers, then use a quick pic. That is much cheaper than paying some thief money to use their pure fantasy concoction or lottery wheeling trap.

Lottery Wheeling
Lottery Wheeling

Lottery Strategies only exist in Lottery Software, Fact!

One of the many popular lottery strategies is of course to delete draws as demonstrated before. It's a strategy not many know about. The reasoning behind this is crystal clear, lottery pro players do not want other people to know.

This is why so many people turn to lottery software for help. Unfortunately there are so many clone lotto programs it can be difficult to find a legit one. When you do find a legit lottery software site, hopefully they will have a selection for you.

It is of utmost importance getting one that fits your play style towards your lottery strategy. Knowing what the program does is huge, easy to understand is even more important. There is not one lottery strategy out there which is not tied to lottery software in some way.

How do you perceive the term "lottery strategy".

Unfortunately the term is quite loosely used. As an example the lottery strategy this person used was to play for 3 months and spend $25 a week. Lucky lottery strategy as this "strategy" netted them 100k. Is that a real lottery strategy that works though?

It seems luck more than strategy but in being vigilant this way, one could consider it a lottery strategy. The extent that this person was using a lottery strategy through being consistent. Is that a lottery strategy? All it was, was nothing more than playing with consistency.

Playing your favorite numbers is another common rabbit foot approach. That coupled along with consistent playing has paid off large for many lottery winners. Waiting months, even years, and ultimately decades to find out if your lucky favorite numbers will pay off is a long risky approach.

Playing birth dates of family and friends birthdays is another popular approach. Which is another common way for people play the lotto. All this is far better than a quick pic. It is no different than a quick pic in the end. Given the fact that the numbers are of sentimental value, they are of no strategic value.

That is playing in hope of luck turning your way. The best way to use lottery strategies is to back it with solid information from lottery software. In a birthday you always use 10/12, lottery software comes up with 12 but not 10 as a favorable option. Don't play 10 this draw.

You need a solid foundation to build lottery strategies.

Having a standard pool to always pick your numbers from is a great foundation. Use lottery software as an advisor and guide you to which ones to chose has been a huge success for our customers. Pool together those favorite lucky numbers and use of course, only use the best lottery software.

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  1. I've always used a standard pool of my favorite numbers, and as you mention, use only the best lottery software, cheap imitations won't win you money. Your products are so incredible, why does everything else out there so bad at getting better numbers, but yours work better than magic? What's in the secret sauce? 🙂

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