Lottery software that works, the surprising reason Lotto Effect is.

3 July 2021

Lottery software that works is a rare find.

Lottery software that works is hard to come across among the plethora of options out there. Most sites that claim they are lottery software providers only offer one product. Which yes, is extremely lame. It would be like a restaurant only having one meal you could order. Imagine only being able to pick one car, or only one flavor, or only one type of gum. It's unheard of course.

Lotto Effect is our third option for our customers. Although a large percentage have bought them religiously along the way at release. As well as most jump on the Complete Bundle as of today. There are many whom only buy Lotto Logic, or Lottery Looper, or Lotto Effect. They pick the one which clicks with them the most because we have provided them options. Like any real true lottery software provider would do.

Ignore sites that only offer one solution.

Lotto Effect is matchless compared to any other lottery number generator based on previous results available out side this site. Lottery Looper and Lotto Logic are trend aware where Lotto Effect is based on growing momentum.

All three programs are miles above any system out there as the majority of them are straight up scams to start with. Anything else only gives you high and low, with nothing of value, no system in between to help and guide in assisting number selections, worthless really. So are they a scam, we will let you be the judge of that.

Fast forward to the present with Lotto Logic and Lottery Looper both with a large install base. Massive amounts of success stories it was time to release Lotto Effect. We seriously can’t wait to start using it ourselves and deliver yet another gem for lottery players. So far based on our results and player success stories boy were we ever right, it works amazingly well.

Why was there such a dramatic change from 1.0 to 1.1 in the ui design?

Lotto Effect Launch
Lotto Effect Version 1

Lotto Effect Version 1 brief history

Late 2019 we were in full swing development. Beta testers were very pleased how well Lotto Effect was working. With serious news coming out of China, we along with the rest of the world started to become genuinely concerned. It was only a matter of time before this became a global problem. With so many players waiting for this release. We decided to knock out the last few reported bugs in the code and drop the mic.

What was initially released is how it looked in development, only the dev team and beta testers were ever to use it in this state. We wanted another year to use it to get a feel for the ui and then release it, but it was solid as a rock in code and concept.

However, the concern was real and releasing it as is, was the most sensible thing for us to do at the time because again, along with the rest of the world we did not know how this was going to play out and if worst came to worst at least the community could download the solid concept to enjoy, not pretty but totally worked and worked well, and better than we could have hoped for actually.

Why Lottery software that works released a little early.

Fear was realized, a pandemic was declared early 2020. Over the next 8 months after version 1 was released many players at least had the joy to use Lotto Effect. At the same time gave us much more feedback to realize the ui for better quality of life use. In early July 2020 version 1.1 was released. Of all our products Lotto Effect has become the quickest one to become so solid so fast. Which makes sense with such a long design cycle. Our style is to release an early version and grow from there based on feedback from the community. We are always improving our products into what players want. It is why they are so popular, why they are all lottery software that works so well. To think, 1.1 is only the beginning!

Lotto Effect Lottery Software
Lotto Effect Version 1.1

Visit Lotto Effect Version 1.1 Today

21 comments on “Lottery software that works, the surprising reason Lotto Effect is.”

  1. As an avid lotto player, i’ll never be able to thank you guys enough. For anyone reading this, this is the only site not trying to pull the wool over your head, there are so many dumpster fire sites as in like all of them except here.

    If your new like me and just starting out with these systems i highly recommend to buy the complete bundle it’s such a good price, you basically get Lottery Looper for free. I really wish i found this site first and saved all the money i wasted on so many trash programs.

    All the best, and Thx!!!

  2. In my initial testing, i was able to get the best possible numbers and also did well in several draws. There are so many fraudulent (phishing) websites some even have malware-hosting URLs, stay far away from free offers. Currently your products are full-scale, not just a second-hand random number generator product promising the moon.

    Are these products safe? Yes, they are 100% safe. No ads either which is awesome!

    Each one has a firm grip of it’s purpose which excels in giving decent decent results, real-time displays so you know whats going on not just some random numbers called smart numbers for example, what joke.

    Multiple layers of strats which heavily outweigh other systems vulnerabilities, and you can easily maintain your own personal data with handy browser extension that provides additional help.

    You are 100% in control, no subscription, there literally is no other lottery software out there, this is the site, these are the only three amigos.

  3. Thought the system would be hard to figure out and a lot of work, turns out it’s not that hard at all, as several others have stated, “yes” i wholeheartedly agree it does increase your odds to hit those lucky lotto numbers.

    Straight to the point system and the cost cannot be beaten. Would I recommend it? yes! well Hell Yeah!!! after i won seven grand last night, like omg! So happy!

  4. Definitely a decent system to stick with long term, it gets freakishly accurate the longer you use it. Been a fan of your systems for a very long long time, i bought lotto Logic when it first came out, i’ve tried other sites and yeah no, they are crap, then i bought Lottery Looper, and now Lotto Effect all such very good software.

  5. One hundred percent good system to use. This is the system i use along with Lottery Looper, i used Lotto Logic for so many years and yes i still use it every week, but Lotto Effect is the bomb my dudes, and i use Lottery Looper to average out my draw pools and wholly (explicit) am i ever on to something good here. This is for real and legit.

    Know this, i’ve obtained winnings ranging from $500 to over $2000 in wins, no meaningless random number generator here i’ll get $20 and $80 wins quite often, anyone thinking they are going to just download a program and click a button and win the a huge jackpot are falling for the devious sites out there, don’t these peeps are the real deal, honest af. Just good sized wins and who knows might land a big fish one day. I have never yet seen any other system show real honest larger winning tickets, I think that in it self speaks volumes.

  6. Their method is solid, works very well if used correctly. Works best to use the system along with all of their special strategies that can be applied such as Lottery Looper. This way gives best over-all win rates it’s like anything, stick with it, the more you put in to these systems the more you get out as in Mucho Money!

  7. Happy in Orlando

    Best lotto app ever, quite happy with the quality and performance. Ideal for Florida Lotto and great with powerball and mega millions is definitely a plus as I plot drawings and details regularly. At this price, its a steal, it far more than paid for itself.

  8. I find I enjoy using this software the most, it’s much different than others. I love the control i have over everything, tracking from draw to draw in my personal pool, LOVE IT!!! Thanks for this.

  9. I just knew it,i knew this has the most potential, and man o man was i right, there it was, all my numbers in my custom pool, and landed 5 out of 6 on a win, i don't know what to say other thanks guys, thank you so much for Lotto Effect. I absolutely love this lottery software app.

  10. Yep... it WORKS!!!! Wholly (explicit) do you all know what the (explicit) you are doing, O M G ----- TY!!!

  11. The best lottery software there is. So glad i found you. paid off my mortgage, one tip, you need to really commit, after a few months omg, huge win. There simply isn't any better lottery software available, this works everything else doesn't. Not much more i can say, you want to win, use this software, want to give away your money for useless products which produce no results, buy anything else to take your money, they can and will do that for you, and don't fall for the money back guarantee.

  12. I lost my codes after a pc crash, when i switched to my new pc, i asked for my codes and within an hour I was pleased to receive an email with all my codes from the bundle. I asked lotto pro for my code, and they want me to buy it again? It's been over a month and I'm about ready to give up, they are very uncooperative, there is no way I would ever buy it again anyway as it's useless at getting any number right. It's just the principle, i paid for it!

    I highly recommend this lottery software provider.

  13. I never post or write comments, here I make an exception because thank you, seriously can't believe I'm wealthy, I love your lottery software and it was more of a hobby i had, and your lottery software made my hobby so much more fun, honesty never thought I'd win this much money 🙂

  14. Lotto Logic Lottery Software is the major player in the field of lottery software. Basically a household name and has long been one of the best tools to optimize your lotto wins!. I really remember the v5 update, huge graphical update and continues the fine tradition to this day. Bottom-line: Lotto Logic is absolutely worth downloading. Grab it now.

    Lottery Looper is one of the best all-around more modern tools for playing the lottery, and for further deep optimized numbers to play, Lotto Effect lottery software is a must have. Free of the junk that accumulates from other lottery software vendors that simply don't get it.

    These peeps are so on the ball, always updating, releasing new products, where other sites offer the same old waste, one even has beating the absolute crap out of over 30 year old pos, i mean we've all heard of beating a dead horse but come on, it's just embarrassing at this point.

  15. Agreed Penhale, unfortunately people new to lottery software are unaware of that fact.

    New players are unaware that this is the only site with real legit lottery software that helps with selecting winning numbers.

    You want to give away your money for nothing, go anywhere but here, you want products that actually work, you stay here. It's really that simple, plus it's free lottery software anyway, you don't need to buy it first to check it out, this is not one of those shady paywall sites.

  16. Once again, Lottery Looper scored me a huge win. Also, Lotto Effect recently dropped me all the winning numbers... again, i just need them all in one line, which i'm closer every time. Their component from their product is well, does a really good job by itself.

  17. Hі there to every boɗy, it's my first visit of this weblog; this blog carries remarkable and really
    good stuff for visitors.

  18. Across the internet there are numerous use cases for the needs of lottery users. Day-to-day between the most common subscription models i love that all your products are one time fee, keep it simple for customers.

    BTW; trying everything there is, these are by far, like unfathomably far, more accomplished then anything available.

  19. The monster statistics of lotteries is unfathomable, lucky for us these peeps created tools to help us by giving players the weapons we need to tame it.

  20. The achievements is essential to the simply satisfaction using top quality encourages anyone to be genuine and lift your standards.

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