How to Win the Lottery Jackpot Guaranteed Revealed!

22 January 2022

How to Win the Lottery Jackpot

How to Win the Lottery Jackpot Guaranteed. Slightly over a decade ago the Boston Globe’s Andrea Estes discovered. An obscure state lottery game called Cash WinFall. Could be, and was, being gamed by sophisticated stats geeks. Reuters picked up on this story not much later and revealed the Cash WinFall lottery secret.

The lottery changed to prevent these “geeks” from gaining it of course. The basic background on this was as follows. The lottery had odds which were so astronomical that the jackpot was never won. To fix this growing problem, no pun intended. They rolled down off the top and sorted the cash into all the secondary prizes.

Here’s how a typical roll-down worked. The drawing was held at 11:20 p.m. on Feb. 4, 2010 had a jackpot of $1,631,236. If no one matched all six numbers, the jackpot pool was carried over for the next drawing.

By 6:06 the next morning the Lottery had estimated the Cash WinFall jackpot for the Feb. 8 drawing at $2 million. Which means bettors could expect a roll-down provided when, as expected. No one matched all six numbers to claim the entire jackpot as always.

Read Their Winning Lottery Stories

The reality was they were buying inordinate amounts of tickets. Which is what they were really doing, no real geekery involved here. Essentially, they were gaining the system by spending gross amounts of money. As they are trying to corner secondary prizes by buying huge volumes of tickets.

Some lost hard, some won big. Eventually, Cash WinFall was indeed phased out.

The nutshell of the story of How to Win the Lottery Jackpot Guaranteed was that the lottery had a flaw. However, this was a big deal because those who could gamble with lots of disposable cash. This gave way and had a serious advantage over the average player. Only using quick pics. Even still, only the ones with lots of cash to risk could corner the win. The inspector General even wrote a 25-page report on this as the lottery must retain integrity and fairness for all.

Playing the lottery intelligently, doing your diligent homework is the only guaranteed way to improve your odds, legitimately that is. Corning the win, while isn’t illegal, but one heck of high-risk gamble. It’s still a legal way to play and will remain that way as no one does it, it puts far too much money at risk, if it were a prevalent issue, you bet a stiff law would be put in place. But wait, why anyone would go to such extremes when there is a 100% guaranteed way to win. Sorry, had too.

How to Win the Lottery Guaranteed Revealed!

Thankfully TIME Magazine revealed the 100% guaranteed way to win to everyone for 100% FREE to all, i know, can't believe it either, they are not charging for such a well hidden secret (100% guarantee mind you) which some sites will make you pay for this extremely valuable information?

In the end the revelation which yeah, big surprise, "buy every ticket", surprise-surprise-surprise.

Thank you TIME Magazine, you saved everyone money, it's good to know, and best of all we don’t have to spend any money to find this incredible secret only hiding behind paywalls to find out.

Another Lottery Jackpot Guarantee?

With Powerball there is another guarantee some sites will try and charge you for this and yes, this is a much more cost effective option than buying every ticket.

Should be mentioned that this is a 100% bonafide guarantee, which we will fully admit, it DOES WORK!!! We're going to reveal it for free, that's right, no charge whatsoever. How this works is with powerball all you need to do is match the red powerball, and you WIN! GUARANTEED!!!!

The secret some places will charge you money for this incredible guaranteed Intel is you only need to spend $52 dollars, so much better than buying every ticket that's for sure. You take that $52 and buy 26 tickets, the key part here is you need to make sure every ticket has one of the 26 available powerballs.

Voila!!! Like magic you just won the lottery guaranteed. Yep you just won 4 dollars, grats, gg, they told the truth, the guarantee was 100% real. It's funny how they left out the part that you will need to spend $52 to win $4, and this is after they have taken $40 from you to find out.

Win the Lottery

Cornering a win is one way, and sure, you almost guaranteed that win but at what cost amirite, if the jackpot is high enough, you’d profit, but if other players have a winning ticket too, you’re out of pocket with a massive loss. Just ask James Harvey and Yuran Lu, and Ying Zhang who lost sizable sums of money, where Jerry Selbee made out very well.

James Harvey and Yuran Lu are two MIT students who failed hard at the lottery “gaining” system titled Random Strategies Investments, the key word why they lost huge is right there “Random” same as quick pic, not surprising their venture failed. So much for a group of math obsessed individuals on a simple mission to uncover stats.

Then you have Ying Zhang a biomedical researcher in Boston, who, ready for this, quit their job to run Doctor Zhang Lottery Club Limited Partnership, which ok, that failed at the lottery “gaining” system too. They didn't accumulate enough money to buy enough tickets, quick pics are always a let down.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

The winner winner chicken dinner went out to Jerry Selbee who won only because they were able to pool more money to buy millions of dollars in tickets and yes you read that right, they spent millions of dollars of pooled syndicate money to turn a profit, they lucked out by cornering the win.

Don’t forget they had to share all the prize money with the thousands upon thousands of people in the syndicate pool, whom all contributed, then after taxes, yeah probably not much gained.

Even with pooled money two out of three lost their shirt, and the reality for even the winner most likely they didn't make out like bandits either once they paid out all those who contributed. Again, How to Win the Lottery Jackpot Guaranteed. Proof there is no guaranteed math geek way. You know “geeks just doing their geek thing”, or math obsessed peeps, or sure fire guaranteed jackpot.

If there was a 100% fail proof, there would be no more lottery. Fact! The lottery would be won constantly, by everyone. Everyone would know, because they will tell family and friends. Who will tell their family and friends as well. It’s not a secret which could be kept secret. The only sure way to improve your game is buying legitimate real-world high-quality lottery software. There are no wonderful magical only you can find out for money guarantee.

megamillions billion
Mega Millions

Billion-dollar jackpots

When lotteries hit 10’s of millions, even billion-dollar jackpots, that would be impossible if there was some magical guarantee you can only pay to find out about. There is no way a secret that huge would stay hidden behind a secret paywall.

Hypothetically, let’s play pretend like these people do and pretend there was a 100% guarantee, all it would take would be one person, or the Wizard of Oz themself the one trying to take your money for this 100% guaranteed way to buy one ticket and play it themself, and its game over, lotteries and lotto’s are done forever, so enough with the pretending, time to get real.

The only guarantee you can count on is increasing the odds in your favor with the help of the best lottery software there is, Lotto Logic, Lottery Looper, and Lotto Effect. I know all this sounds extremely biased, and maybe so, we asked, and we are still waiting for recommendations of equal or greater value lottery software, and been nothing but tumbleweed’s rolling by waiting, nothing, nada, the only other options are random generated numbers based on nonsense click bait coin phrases.

Hokey 100% guarantees and ancient random generator updated database software are no match for a good quality lottery software at your side, kid.

A Few Tips on How to Win the Lottery Guaranteed

Is the most over used phrase out there “How to Win the Lottery Guaranteed” as we all know full well the only way is to buy every possible combination and the only way to boost the odds is quality lottery software based in our reality. There are things you should be aware of which will help you not miss out on a winning ticket and help better your odds.

  • Play less popular lotteries. Many of our customers happily report constant pick 3 and 4 wins
  • Join or even start a lottery pool, this is a solid option as you increase your chances without spending extra money. Always be on top of your contributions. Always be sure the tickets are bought and record of it is made. There have been many instances where someone didn’t pay that one week, after paying for years on time, and the rest of them tried to exclude them from the jackpot. Tickets were bought. Never signed, the buyer tried to run off with the entire jackpot after claiming they forgot to buy.
  • Do your own homework, seek out new numbers, new strategies, with high quality lottery software to do the heavy lifting for you. To assist with How to Win the Lottery Jackpot Guaranteed.
  • Never use a third-party site to check your numbers, you won but 3rd party site made a mistake, you go with your day, never knowing you won because of third party site glitch. Always use the original legitimate site, you want Florida Lottery Results, then you go here and only there, California lottery results, you go here and only here never trust 3rd party anything.

A Few more lottery software tips

  • Never use or trust preloaded databases. The best way to start is only enter on average a dozen draws, that is if the lottery software outside of ours will even let you enter your own data.
  • Entering your own data is by far the crucial first step in using lottery software. Helps familiarize yourself with the data you are working with. Guaranteed it is 100% correct. People report that vendor’s who provide data. Filled with completely wrong numbers. Padded for quick sales.
  • Imagine winning but was provided the wrong numbers, always and only get the numbers from an official source. 3rd party anything is prone to user error and technical errors, imagine wining but 3rd party vendor made a mistake, and you never knew you had won.
  • So, instead of hand verifying 5, 10, 15, 20 years’ worth of draw data in a preloaded database for 100% accuracy before you even start, if you really want to win you will need to do this first. This is because if that information is incorrect in anyway, even slightly, well, you'll never win. Far further ahead entering a ballpark of 10 to 20 draws. Nothing better then. The correct path to victory.

Most reliable way of increasing your odds

In the end by far the most reliable way of increasing your odds is lottery software. All our software increases the odds on your side. Some may view for, Example Lotto Effect 89% and think. Well everyone would win with such a high percentage, well no, not entirely.

Let’s use Powerball for example:

Your powerball lottery odds of jackpot with a quick pick is 1 in 292,200,000. While odds with free lottery software, or hiding behind paywall are the same 1 in 292,200,000. Odds with some 100% guarantee are again the exact same, 1 in 292,200,000. Kind of puts a dent in the How to Win the Lottery Jackpot Guaranteed.

Odds lowered down to 1 in 32 million

With Lotto Effect your odds lowered down to 1 in 32 million! Which no denying, that is still a lot, but so much better than 292 million. Almost a 90% improvement, yet still a very big number.

Lottery Jackpot Winners

1 in 32,142,000 or 1 in 292,200,000 take your pick. The odds of secondary prizes drop by a massive, humongous margin. This is just another area where our products shine, shine so bright you gotta wear shades. Many professional lottery players this is what is all about for them. Use our products exclusively. Target secondary prizes as the odds are so impressive.

Most customers feedback is in the joy of winning many of the secondary prizes. As an example lets looking at the 50,000 secondary prize, odds are 1 in 913,129.18. With Lotto Effect is now 1 in 91k. We take 913k or 91k, easy call as those are extremely good odds. Excellent lottery software. A million to one to under 100k, that is huge.

Understand How to Win the Lottery Jackpot

Following the negative publicity. Lottery officials took prompt actions which made high volume betting almost impossible. In August 2011, the Lottery lowered the cap on how much a retailer’s Lottery sales to $5,000 per day. In October, the Lottery limited each agent’s Cash WinFall sales to $2,500 per drawing per terminal. Free bet redemption included. In the sales limit. The changes were effective in reducing the volume of tickets sold. during the days prior to the expected roll-down.

Not hard to understand How to Win the Lottery Jackpot Guaranteed. How unfair this action was to legitimate players who were being honest. Playing a simple quick pick, or their own finely-honed hand-crafted set of selected numbers. When they show up to the retailer. It already raided from a high-volume betting network. They could not play.

The off the wall tactics people come up with doesn’t contaminate the hobby. For the many people who enjoy increasing their odds, it’s a craft. Many players work at every week and yes, those who hone the craft over time do start to win. Win a lot, often, and big at times.

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  1. Honestly, it is bothersome that other lottery software vendors provide history, and provide no clear way to enter your own numbers, no real way to take complete control of the product you paid for, i mean it's quite obvious why they never win a thing, or ever get one number right.

    I know, as i fell for their easy route to win before i found you, once i did i started with Lotto Logic and within a few draws it started, actual improvements and small wins, then bought the Lottery Looper and Lotto Effect bundle, and things are only getting better, i wish i bought the complete bundle in the end but oh well, after dealing with all these useless sites, stands to reason i would cautiously dip my toe in first, and more than happy to report, the water is fine.

    Your tried and true products have never let me down, being truthful, this is the only place which provides the tools for those who really want to win.

    A million, Thanks!

  2. Hello! I simply wish to offer you a big thumbs up for the excellent information you have here on this post. I am coming back to your web site for more soon.

  3. If you're lucky enough as i am, to have found this site after drudging through a sea of traps, be prepared to win all the time. This is lottery software like you've never had experienced before. No wonder lotteries don't hit the high's as often as they once did, these programs are taking the lottery syndicates fora ride, hope you're on board the money train too.

  4. All three to date have provided me substantive results. I’m not independently able to judge all the merits. Which is why I belong to the lottery community whom do know how well these work. Ofc i do now as well. I bought my lotto logic way back on their recommendation, best advice i ever got.

  5. Gorgeous design аnd plenty of enjoyable real world features. Evеry game, numbers reduced аnd rewards increased. Only lottery software that has ever worked for me.

    Buying all 3 advice. Huge savings.

    I bought all three at once and found starting with just lotto logic, then looper, then effect, was better. Now i run all three, compare results and cha-ching.

    When i started out fresh with all three at once i was lost, each product has it's own unique clever system. New to the systems and trying to learn all three was way too much to in take all at once, for me anyway. Work with one, then the next, rinse repeat.

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