• Lottery Ticket Checker and Selector
    What is Lotto Logic? (Ticket Checker/Selector)

    Ticket Checker/Selector is used to open saved Ticket files you have created from the Ticket Selection tab. Lets say you have Tickets in the Ticket Selection tabs list. At the moment do not have any sheets to fill out for your next draw, so you save them to a file. You now can open them in the Ticket Checker/Selector at a later time when you have the sheet to fill out. You can also archive all the Tickets you make by using a filename with the draw date as its filename.
    Opening Ticket Files

    You open your saved Ticket files by clicking on the Open button located in the lower right corner of the Ticket Checker/Selector tab. This is the only location you can open these types of files. All Ticket Checker/Selector files use an *.tks extension. You can clear or close the file by using the Close button located on the left-hand side of the display box.
    Ticket Checker/Selector Options

    You can save your Ticket file as another file by using the Save As button. You can print what is displayed in the display box by using the Print button. You can also delete any highlighted entry by clicking on Delete. If nothing is highlighted no action will take place when clicking on delete. You can also sort your display by the results of each Ticket set. Clicking the sort button will sort the file descending and ascending.
  • Lotto Ticket Checker / Selector Modes

    There are two modes, Ticket Checker and Ticket Selector.

    The Ticket Checker mode checks the tickets you open for matches against the numbers displayed above, which are past winning results. When in check mode you cannot check and uncheck tickets. This mode will only let you check for matches against the last draw of your lottery. After you have checked a set of tickets and want to save the match results checkmark the Locked check box. Note: Once checked no updated in matches will appear until unchecked and once unchecked and changes are made the locked results will be lost.

    Ticket Selector is used to checkmark the tickets you want to play for the next Lottery. When you print in this mode, the Tickets that are checked will have a little dash beside them. Refer to Ticket Selection for play for more details.
    Ticket Checker/Selector (Ticket Selection for play)

    When in Ticket Selector mode you can switch displays by right clicking on the sort button. You can scroll through all your past winning draws to accumulate past matched totals, or roll back 5 or 10 to see how the numbers did over the last few draws. You can sort by the Totals of frequencies each ticket received from the Ticket Selection tab or by matches or totals matches of hits over several past draws.

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