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    What's the best numbers to pick for lottery (Overview)

    It is true, the odds of winning the big one are phenomenal. But can you increase your odds? This is where the logic of Lotto Logic Pro comes in. Can Lotto Logic Pro guarantee a big win? No, and no other lottery program can either. However, Lotto Logic Pro can give you informative information to help you base your number selection using logical concepts which other lottery programs simply lack. By using Range Finder, Range Tracker and other features of Lotto Logic Pro you will not only increase your fun but at the same time you may very well increase your odds of winning. For example, when you enter the last set of numbers your lottery has drawn, run Calculate using 1 past draw as your setting and you will likely see a past draw range which had all the numbers required in the Hot And Due numbers display. So, if you had picked those numbers right you could have won, and won big. Simple as that! Luck still plays a big role but by using the logic of Lotto Logic Pro, who knows? Read on into Concepts to understand the logic behind Lotto Logic Pro.
  • Concepts (The main focus)

    The main focus is to try and find a range which shows promising results over 1 to 5 past draws. A new feature called Range Tracker will help you track range patterns which show consistent winning ranges over long periods of time. The range of past draws is a very powerful feature of Lotto Logic Pro. It helps you decide how many past draws to use and shows patterns in the numbers. Calculate is usually the best route for most players but if you are a power player you will probably use it manually. Lotto Logic Pro is not magic, some silly lotto tracker or even some data over killing graphing nightmare; it is a program packed with powerful logical concepts and tools that are used to help you select numbers, easily.
  • Concepts (The machines)

    Many say that the machines, which draw the winning numbers every draw, are not perfect. What they believe is that some of the balls either weigh more or less than others. Many of the balls are not perfectly round; the mechanisms on the machine itself are not perfect and are subject to wear and tear. This is where Range Finder and Range Tracker come into play. Unfortunately you don not know when they change machines or parts, or replace the balls. Luckily for you, you now have Lotto Logic Pro to help you by using Range Finder and Range Tracker. That is what it does – it tries to determine the best possible range of consistent number showings to help you select numbers during this time frame.

    Concepts (Why only 1 to 2 years worth of entries tops)

    This is just a recommendation in believing that too much information can do more harm than good. After a year or two I think it would be safe to say that they are not using the same machine or parts and have replaced some balls or all the balls. I think it is even safer to say that they are not using the same machine or balls from 10 years ago provided your lottery has been around that long. An average of 1 to 2 years worth of entries keeps your data fresh with current results. For example, if you have 10 years worth of entries, Range Finder will find the best ranges using these entries. Unfortunately the machines or parts and balls have probably changed and so the results are technically correct but really incorrect because the machine and ball variables have changed.
  • Strategies (Making your choices)

    Here is where the fun begins. It is now up to you to decide what strategy to use. Select numbers from Hot or Due numbers or both. Select what frequency number you want to use – high or low. How many past draws do you want to use and from what combination of Hot or Due or both? You can even choose from Combined numbers, Bonus, or Winners only. There are many decisions and Lotto Logic Pro is your tool to help you every step of the way. It is even up to you to decide how many past entries you want to maintain in your database. For example, if you know that your lottery changes balls and machines every 6 months, you might want to keep your database really fresh and maintain only six months worth of entries. You can even add your favorite numbers into the mix. Every time you play use Range Tracker to track the best ranges.

    Most of all the biggest strategy is to have fun, and now you can have fun playing the lottery using Lotto Logic Professional Version 7.0. No longer do you have to use purely random illogical picks, which add no excitement to lottery playing. You now can strategize, theorize, and try to conquer the ultimate goal – TO WIN THE BIG ONE!

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