• Lotto Program Options

    Program Options (Auto Add)

    When checked Auto Add automatically adds any Ticket you make to the Ticket list when using the Select button. If you click the Keep button a dialog will appear notifying you that Auto Add is enabled.

    Program Options (Sorting Tickets)

    When using the Select button by default your numbers are automatically sorted. If you do not want your picks sorted, uncheck the option Sort selected picks.
    Program Options (Adding to My Numbers)
  • There are three options you may change for adding numbers to My Numbers from the list on the Ticket Selection screen. Normally, Hot and Due numbers displayed cannot be added. If you want to add these numbers, check the option Allow Hot and Due numbers to be added. Normally, duplicate numbers cannot be added. For example, if you have added a 4 to My Numbers you cannot add another 4. If you want to add duplicate numbers check the option Allow duplicate numbers to be added. Finally the numbers added are normally sorted. If you do not want them sorted check the option Do not sort my numbers when adding.

    Lotto Program options (Changing Colors)

    You can change the colors of the Hot numbers, Due numbers, and My numbers displays to any color you desire. If you pick dark colors you may want to try white text to see the numbers more clearly. To change the colors click on the number 99 in the Program Options tab. To reset your color options click on the Defaults button also located on this tab.

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