• Data Entry File Maintenance

    The “Data Entry – File Maintenance” tab allows you to enter and maintain your data this assits in finding common winning lottery numbers for example Mega Millions.

    Before you start to enter past draws you need to be on the “Data Entry – File Maintenance” tab.

    A) Click on the Race Car, this will bring you right to the tab and set you up for a new entry. This will also begin the first step of the “Five Easy Steps”, which is also available from the Menu “Five Easy Steps”.

    B) Or click on the tab labeled “Data Entry – File Maintenance”. If you click this option you need to click on the button labeled “New” (indicated with the letter E in this screen shot) to clear the entry boxes and set you up for a new entry.

    C) The blue bars indicate where you enter your lotteries main pool of numbers. The red bar or bars indicate where you enter your bonus or powerball numbers if required.

  • D) The purple bars are where you enter your past winning numbers draw date. Enter the date in the following order. Month/Day/Year.

    E) This button will either read “New” or “Save” if you are about to start a new past draw entry it will read “New”. Once you are in New Entry Mode, it will read “Save”. Once you have entered all your numbers click save.

    Moving through the entry boxes:

    To move forward through the entry boxes use the tab or enter keys. To move backward use the ctrl key or (shift-tab) key combination. You can always move backward through the boxes but can only progress forward to the next box after the box you’re on has valid data entered.

    At the end of the entry boxes is a button reading ‘Save’ or ‘New’. If you have started a brand new entry this button will read ‘Save’ and does just that – saves your entry. If it reads ‘New’ clicking this button will put you into New Entry mode.
  • Canceling an entry:

    To cancel an entry at any time you can:

    - Press the escape key.
    - Click the arrow to move down an entry.
    - Highlight any past draw in the display list.
    - Move to another tab in the program.

    If you have partially filled in or completed filled in a new entry and take one of these actions before saving, the entire entry will be discarded without any notification.
  • Entering more than one past draws:

    A basic cycle of entering past draws will run like this:
    Click ‘New’ and the button will change to ‘Save’. The program will clear the entry boxes for you to enter your numbers and will enter the current date set on your computer for you. Proceed through the entry boxes using the ‘Enter’ key. Once you reach the ‘Save’ button press the ‘Enter’ key to save your entry and the button will change back to ‘New’. If you have more entries to make, just press the ‘Enter’ key once again to go into new entry mode and start the cycle all over again.

    Helpful hints:
    If you are about to enter several months or years worth of past draws in one session, turn off the A) ‘Auto Month’ and/or B) ‘Auto Day’ insert options by deselecting the appropriate check boxes. This way you don’t need to clear the month and/or day entry boxes every time you make a new entry. Don’t forget to change the year when necessary.
    If you enter draw numbers immediately after every draw, leave these boxes checked. This way the complete date will already be entered for you. If you normally enter your draw numbers a day or two after the draw date don’t forget to change the draw day and/or draw month if necessary.
  • A) Resaving an entry
    To correct errors in any winning past draw which you have entered incorrectly, simply correct the mistake then click ‘Resave’ to save your changes.

    B) Deleting an entry
    To delete an entry, have the entry you want removed showing in the data entry boxes and click ‘Delete’. To delete many entries at once you can highlight as many as you want in the list and then right click the ‘Delete’ button. Select ‘All Highlighted’ and all the selected entries will be deleted.
    Warning: All deletions are permanent.
    Tip: Backup your data regularly.

    C) Backing up your data
    Click ‘Back Up’ to back up the file currently in use. This action always overwrites the existing backup file if one exists. It will make an exact copy of your current data file but uses an ‘*.blp’ extension. Another way to back up your data is to use ‘Save as’ and save the file with a new filename or in another directory.
  • Note: ‘Save As’ will automatically switch you to your new file. If you happen to have a back up file open and click on ‘Back Up’ you will notice that the operation failed. Lotto Logic cannot back up a back up file. To back up a back up file use ‘Save As’.
    Note: Switching to a new file is the equivalent to starting a new Lottery from scratch. Your ‘Range Tracker’ list will be cleared as well as ‘My Numbers’ but all your winning tickets will remain. To get your ‘Range Tracker’ and ‘My Numbers’ back, simply switch back to your original file.

    D) Date Sort
    ‘Date Sort’ enables you to enter past draws you have missed or just want to add. Running ‘Date Sort’ will put these entries where they belong in the file by date. To use Lotto Logic Pro properly you need to maintain a complete list, meaning no missed entries from the start date to the end date. If you happen to miss a draw or come across some past draws you simply want to augment, add them and then run ‘Date Sort’. For now, you are responsible for maintaining a consecutive list of entries from the start date to the end date. Coming in a future version will be a new feature called ‘Date Checker’, which will do this for you.

  • E) Print your past draws
    Clicking ‘Print’ will print only the entries displayed in the list. This is true for all print routines in Lotto Logic Pro. It will only print what is showing in the list at that time. To print everything, you must have all entries displayed in the list before you start to print. For example, to print the entire Database of winning past draws change the View option to ‘All’. If you only want to print certain past draws, highlight the ones you want and right click the ‘Print’ button then select ‘All Highlighted’.

    Starting Lottery Number Search
    To start a search, click the ‘Search’ button. Once clicked, several things will change as you go into search mode. The list box will clear and new options will appear on the lower left. In addition you can select any entry from the past just before you start a search and this past entry will be ready for searching.

    If you want to search something else click ‘Clear’ and the boxes will be cleared. Total search results will be displayed to the left of the ‘Clear’ button.
  • Uses of search:

    Search has many uses. You can search numbers to see whether they have won before. You can also search out all the draws from a certain year or anything else you may think of.

    A) Search by Lotto Date
    Searching by date always seeks out an exact date match. For example, you may enter 03/22/98. Click ‘Search’ and any draw matching 03/22/98 from the database will show up in the list box below. If you omit any one of these numbers, you will not receive a result.

    B) Search by Lottery Numbers
    Searching by numbers always seeks out an exact number match. For example, you may enter 2,2,2,2 from a pick 4 draw. Click search and any draw matching the numbers 2,2,2,2 exactly from the database will show up in the list box below. If you leave any one of these number boxes blank, you will not receive a result; your search will only return exact matches.
  • C) Search by Any Lotto Match
    Searching by any match lets you search by date, numbers, or both without being exact. What this means is you can search the database by month, day, or year, or any combination of these dates. It also enables you to search for entries containing only a certain number or combination of numbers. You can also search by date and numbers or with any combination of both. Below are several search techniques to give you an idea of how this powerful feature works. For the examples we will use a 6/49 lottery.

    Lotto Numbers:
    Entering 2,2,2,2,2,2/2 will return all entries containing the number two in any position. Entering just the first number with a 2 and leaving the rest blank will return only entries beginning with 2. Entering just the bonus number with 49 will return all entries containing 49 as a bonus. Entering 5 in the 3rd entry box will return all past draws containing a 5 in the third position. Entering the second position with a 14 and the sixth position with a 38 will return all entries containing these numbers in those positions.

  • Lottery Draw Dates:
    Entering just the month with a 4 will return just the draws entered in the 4th month. The same search, but adding 1998 as the year, will return all entries made in the 4th month of that year. To search for all entries in the year 1998, just fill in the year with 1998 leaving all other boxes blank.

    Numbers & Dates:
    You can also intertwine the examples above by entering numbers and dates. One example would be to get all the entries in 1998 that have a 33 as a bonus number. So you would enter 1998 in the year and 33 in the bonus number position.

    D) Save and Print Search Results
    Printing and saving your results are two additional options available to you when you have results showing.

    Printing lotto ticket results:
    Click ‘Print’ to print your results. You can also just print certain results by highlighting the ones you want and right clicking the ‘Print’ button.
  • Saving winning lotto results:
    You can save the results from any of the three search patterns. If you want, you can turn your result file into a primary file. For example, say you used Any Match to search for all the draws in 1999 and want to start a new file with only entries from that year. You would click ‘Save’ and the file would be saved as ‘*.sra’, ‘a’ specifying that these are the results from Any Match. Leave search mode by clicking the ‘Finished’ button then you would open the ‘*.sra’ file. Now right click the ‘Open/New’ button and use ‘Save As’ to save the file using an ‘*.llp’ extension.


    Date results are saved with an ‘*.srd’ extension.
    Number results are saved with an ‘*.srn’ extension.
    Any Match results are saved with an ‘*.sra’ extension.

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