• Five Easy Steps

    Before starting the five easy steps you should have the lottery numbers from the last draw ready. A quick way of getting your numbers is to use the “My Numbers Website” feature. This feature allows you to load in the website address where you normally get your numbers. Clicking on the button with the Explorer emblem will invoke your default browser and load the lottery website with your lotto numbers.

    Step 1) Start the five easy steps by clicking on the racecar button with the checkered flag located on the toolbar. This will set you up to enter the Winning Numbers from the last drawing of your lottery. Enter the Winning Numbers and click ‘Save’.

    Step 2) Now click on the button with the hand holding a marking pen. This will let you open the Tickets you have saved and or played for the lottery you have just entered the results of. You will notice the numbers you entered in the previous step are displayed above on the ‘Ticket Checker/Selector’ tab. Open the ‘*.tks’ ticket file and Lotto Logic 2002 will check your numbers. You can sort the tickets to view the most matched tickets.
  • Range Finder is one of the many powerful features you will find in Lotto Logic. It’s also what sets Lotto Logic Pro apart from all other lottery programs. Instead of just entering past draws and relying on static sets of past draws for results, LL2 will run through the entire database of past draws and find the best range of past draws for you to select numbers from.

    Step 3) Start by clicking on this toolbar button. You will then be asked if you want Lotto Logic Pro to find the best range of past draws for you to select numbers from. Select yes and Lotto Logic will select the best range for you. It will then ask you if you want to save the range to the ‘Range Tracker’ list. Every draw you should add at least one best range to this list in order to build long-term range trends.

    Step 4) New to Lotto Logic Pro is the ‘Ticket Package’. Click on this toolbar button to process your ticket package. The ‘Ticket Package’ will automatically select the options you have made (see edit ticket package for more details) for your package. It can be 5 from Hot, 5 from Due or 10 from Hot and Due. Basically the ticket Package will generate the Tickets you want with just a click.
  • Step 5) When this process completes you will then be asked if you want to save the lotto tickets. You can say Yes and proceed to save now or say No and add some more tickets manually. Either way you should save your tickets. If you have selected No and now want to save your tickets click on the right button above. Once saved LLP will ask you if you want to open the Tickets into the ‘Ticket Checker/Selector’, say yes and you will now be in Ticket Selector mode. Now checkmark the tickets you are going to play and wait for the next draw.

    Once you have the range of past draws set, you can start to select numbers from the Hot and Due number displays on the ‘Ticket Selection’ tab. You can have Lotto Logic Pro select numbers by clicking on the ‘Select’ button which will randomly select numbers from the Hot and/or Due numbers depending on the options you set in the selections above the ‘Keep’ button. You can also add numbers by clicking on and dragging these numbers to the display area above. Once you are happy with your set of numbers click on the ‘Keep’ button, which will add the ticket to the ticket list.

    This ends our 5 Step Quick Start, please read on for more in depth explanations of all the features and concepts of Lotto Logic Pro.

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