• Configure a new lottery

    To get going enter 10 draws, let’s configure a new lottery by selecting either the open folder icon on the toolbar or from the menu select “File” then “Open/New Lottery” from the resulting drop down list. After you have selected one of these options you will be presented with an open dialog box similar to the one displayed below.
    winning lotto increased
    A) Type in a title for your lottery in the text box beside “File name:” If you are playing Florida lotto for instance you may want to type in “Florida Lotto” another example may be “Texas Lotto” if you are playing Texas lotto, or “Lotto 6/49” for Canada’s Lotto 6/49, or “Powerball” for powerball type lotteries, “Singapore Toto” for Singapore Toto, whatever you decide you want for your title is up to you.
  • B) Now click on the “Open” button. After you click “Open” you will be presented with a “New File Settings” dialog box similar to the one displayed on the next page.

    C) Open an existing database: To open an existing database simple highlight the lottery you wish to open and then click open. You can also double click the lottery you want to open and this will have the same effect. After either of these actions takes place Lotto Logic will automatically close the lottery currently open and then load your selection.
    how to win lotto
    This dialog allows you to configure Lotto Logic Pro to suite your lotteries requirements.

    A) Select either 0 or 1 as the starting number of your lotteries pool of numbers.

    B) Select the ending range of your lotteries pool of numbers by using the up and down scroll arrows to the number with which your lottery ends.
  • C) Now use the scroll arrows to select how many numbers are drawn from your lotteries pool of numbers.

    D) If your lottery also draws a bonus number you now should select 1 or 2. If your lottery does not have any bonus numbers select “None”. Selecting “None” will gray out the powerball check box.
    powerball lottery picks
    “Powerball, Mega Millions, type lotteries only”

    For power ball type lotteries you need checkmark the check box labeled “Check here for PowerBall type lotteries” When you check this box a number option will appear below which enables you to change the powerball number if required. If the powerball is different than your main pool of numbers change it here. Now select either 1 or 2 powerball numbers. Once you check the powerball option, bonus numbers are switched to powerball numbers.

    E) Now click OK. A confirmation dialog will now appear to confirm your setting choices.
  • About file Extensions:

    · Main database files have an ‘*.llp’ extension.
    · Backup files have a ‘*.blp’ extension.
    · Search result files have ‘*.sr*’ extensions.

    Always use the ‘*.llp’ extension for your lottery data. Files with extensions other than ‘*.llp’ will automatically be overwritten during certain operations. For example ‘Backup’ automatically overwrites the corresponding file using the ‘*.blp’ extension; same thing with search result files.

    Save As:
    You can save any files using the ‘*.blp’ or ‘*.sr*’ extension as a primary file by right clicking the ‘Open/New’ button and saving the file with a ‘*.llp’ extension. ‘Save as’ is also available from the ‘File’ Menu.

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