• Create Tickets Mode

    To create a number set for play you only need to click Select, if you like the set all you need to do is click the Keep button which will add the set to the ticket list above the check tickets section. You’ll also notice in the check tickets section that the Next Draw date is displayed, this is the next draw you are creating tickets for.

    You can change the number of past draws calculated using the scroll button or click one of the average ranges as in this example they are Hot = 4, All = 5, and Overall = 4. You can use the forward back buttons to go through your entire selection of tickets that you have created.
    lottery strategy explained
  • Let’s do some analysis and add some indictors/filters. To the left of the Create Tickets section you’ll find four list boxes.
    lottery logic
    Here you can quickly find What’s Hot What’s not, what & when Pairs and Triples occurred, also the last time numbers showed. Not only that you can use these four lists to discover additional information such as numbers which are growing more popular by using each list to show certain number of past draws.
  • In this example we set the past draws calculated to 10, then selected High Low, then set the past draws calculated to 8, then selected High Low, set the past draws calculated to 6, then selected High Low, set the past draws calculated to 4, then selected High Low. Overall, we find 19 is holding strong.
    top mega millions numbers revealed
  • Similarly in this example we find our 32 is not gaining any steam and is falling behind other lottery numbers.
    lottery numbers that are due
  • To simplify the following explanation, we are only using 5 past draws. When selecting pairs or triple with the draws calculated set to maximum number of past draws, that pairs will drop by one and triple will drop by two.
    select how to win the lottery
    This is normal as pairs will need one more set to check for a pair, if it were to bottom out it can’t check anyway, similarly with triple as displayed here, the last two draws are needed to check for a triple. Basically, it will need an addition two, so it will check the third draw entered using the 3rd 2nd, and 1st draw to check for a triple. In this example we find 21 tripled out the second past draw against the draws 2, 3 and 4.
  • So, what are the numbers in parenthesis anyway? In High/Low and inversely Low/High the number in parenthesis is the frequency or the times the number has shown over the amount of draws calculated. As shown 12 has shown 4 times over the last 10 draws.
    how will you win the lottery
  • With pairs and triple the number in parenthesis is the last time the number either paired or tripled. Here we find 32 paired on the very last draw indicated with a 1, whereas 45 paired 6 draws ago. Interestingly we find 12 paired allot but really it tripled out twice indicating a very rare quad showing.
    lottery highlighted numbers
    Why do we show 12 paired 2, 3 and 4 and 12 tripled 2 and 3 is depending on how many past draws are being calculated as this information will change, this example 2 and 3 past draws:
    lottery past draws used
  • TIPS:
    - As you’ve noticed the four lists are an extremely powerful, yet flexible, feature and pretty much open to whatever you can think of to use in your strategy.
    - Many more filters are planned for this is future updates.

    As you’ve been using the check boxes you notice that selecting a number in any box will locate the selected number in any adjacent box, if displayed. You’ll also find that when a number is checked it’s also added to the number filter as shown below. Here we have added 2, 32, 12, 38, 42, 26 and 51 to the filter. You can add up to 10 numbers to the filter, any boxes checked beyond 10 will not be added to the filter.
    lottery tool bar
    The number or numbers you ultimately add here are used as a filter for which numbers you are focusing on for whatever your strategy defines.
    In this example set we notice 32 and 12 have matched and the maximum matches so far have been 3.
    The set itself has a total showing of 11 and the maximum a created set so far has reached is 17. The sets total is all the time the numbers have shown in the number of past draws calculated.
    Using the legend we can instantly find visually how hot or cold each number is, 12 is the warmest and 43 is the coldest (or due to show) indicted as a no show in gray within this set.
  • TIPS:

    - If you have kept a ticket set, and you do not like any more simply double click it in the list to delete it.

    - Delete will not work on old sets from previous draw dates, only on the set you are creating for the next draw.

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