• Explore Draws Mode

    The Explore Draws feature enables you to switch to any past winning draw and change the amount of past draws calculated to provide you with information such as what was the most popular, least popular, pairs, triples, even where the numbers where at any given point in the history of your data with any amount of past draws calculated that you want.

    To change to any previous winning draw use the Target Date scroll button. To change how many past draws are calculated use the calculated scroll button.
  • In this example the large T indicates that the previous draw 3/7/9998 is targeted and two draws before that are calculated on the main ball display.
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    The minus sign indicates that these draws are completely removed from the equation, the T indicates that this is the draw which is targeted for comparison and is also removed from the equation, and the two draws are the only sets of numbers calculated.
  • Clicking the Locate button will show where the targeted winning numbers are within the equation of two draws calculated.
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    Viewing the legend:
    lotto legend
    We notice that 45 have shown twice in a row indicating a pair.
  • Let’s leave the number of past draws set at two and scroll down through Target Dates, here we find that 52 has paired on the 7th drawing result.
    powerball technique
    The same can be done with Triples by setting the number of past draws to 3 and scrolling through the dates until you notice a number(s) indicated with dark blue as per the legend.
  • Let’s set the past draws to 5 and check out where the last winning numbers are located with them included in the calculation.
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    Using the color coded legend we find 4, 22 and 29 have shown one time and 12, 19 and 37 have shown 2 times within the 5 draws calculated.
  • Now let’s remove the last draw by targeting it, we now know where these numbers were before they even came into play using five past draws. Doing this enables us to time travel in a sense as we can use the past winning draws and then view where the targeted numbers were before they came into play.
    lottery software technique
  • The Track option enables you to follow a numbers progress as draws were entered over time. To start the tracker, drag a number from the main display and drop it on the track feature.
    lottery play win

    As you notice explore draws is very powerful yet easy to use feature which is open to any analysis methods you desire.

    Many more features are planned for this mode in coming updates.

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