• Set up a New Lottery

    To get started enter 10 draws, let’s set up new lottery softare settings, click the menu ‘File’ then ‘New’.
    New Lottery Looper
    The following configuration screen will appear.
    Pick own Lotto Numbers
    Change how many numbers your lottery draws (this is adjustable from 1 to 9) now adjust the pool of numbers your lottery draws from; (this is adjustable to start from 0 or 1, and end with 9 to 99).
  • If your lottery draws an additional supplementary number(s) you can adjust this value to 1 or 2. Depending on the additional number(s) some lotteries require you to preselect from a separate pool in order to play. If your lottery requires you to select a supplementary type number such as Powerball, Mega Millions adjust this secondary pool as shown below.
    powerball extra number
  • To finalize the initial setup, click the menu ‘File’ then ‘Enter Draws’.
    new lottery picks
    The following screen will appear.
    lotto picks of your own
  • The first thing to do is to checkmark the days of the week the draws take place, whether it is one, two, or all seven days. Upon having selected the draw day(s), check the ‘Save Drawing Days(s)’ check box to lock in the draw days.
    pick your lottery draw days
    Next, use the browser to select which site you want to get your lottery results from. Once you have located where the winning numbers for your lottery are displayed, click ‘Make Favorite’ as this will remember to load the page automatically upon return.

    This completes the one time set up. The ideal way to start would be to enter 10 past draws to get you going. Entering past draws is covered in the next section.
  • TIPS:
    You can use ‘Open in Browser’ to make finding where your numbers are located easier, from the browser you can drag and drop the link into the number browser then click favorite to load that page automatically. Lottery Looper Browser Video
    This is a block of text. Double-click this text to edit it.
    If you make an error during data entry you can delete it using the ‘Delete’ button.
    You can check for new updated versions of Lottery Looper using the ‘Check for Update’ button and then return to your number page simply by clicking the ‘Favorite’ button.

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