• Enter Winning Draws

    The only way to take full control of your lottery is by first becoming familiar with your data. Entering your own data is by far and large the most important and crucial first step in using any lottery software.

    You should start with at least 10 draws, you may enter as many as you want, but 4 is the minimum to enable all the features. The most efficient means to begin entering draws is to pick today’s date and count back the amount of draws you wish to enter then start with that date. This enables the auto calendar to take care of the date for you.
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  • Once you have entered the draws you want to start with click Close.
    Lottery Looper Check

    Check for new updated versions of Lottery Looper by clicking ‘Check for Update’ and return to your number page by clicking ‘Favorite’.

    Clicking a date on the calendar will change the date when in ‘New Entry’ mode.

    If any number box has invalid data it will turn red.

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