• Range Locator Mode

    The Range Locator mode removes the last know draw, then runs analysis on a set of past draws you define using the removed draw as its primer for its final decision on how many past draws would have been ideal for the best selection of numbers to choose from. Repeating this pattern on several past draws can indicate patterns which exhibit an ideal range to set for your next selection of numbers to play.

    Let’s break down the components before we get into some examples.
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    The Hot Numbers adjustment indicates how many of the hottest numbers you want to use for the range calculation. By default, it adjusts to about one third of your lotteries pool of numbers, for simplicity’s sake if your pool was 30 this would auto adjust to 10.
  • Draw Cap locks in how many past draws to use against the set it’s using for its foundation of analysis. By default, this auto adjusts to about half of your past draws. The scroll button is used to remove a past draw(s) for analysis which in doing so starts the locator. You can remove and analyze as many past draws as you want as long as there are enough past draws to use for the calculation. To simplify, if you have 4 draws and set the Draw Cap to 2, you can remove one draw which leaves three, it will use the next 2 draws for analysis, remove another past draw which leaves 2 this would now be the limit on past draws to remove.

    0/0 = Hot Numbers/Draw Cap

    Draws Removed displays how many past draws have been removed. The drop-down box will populate with the Locators individual results for each past draw.

    Hot: Displays the average of all the hot range results. The Hot result is the best range result which only uses numbers within the Hot Numbers pool.

    All: Displays the average of all the best range results which use the entire pool of numbers for analysis Note: Although the entire pool is used it only uses numbers in play, meaning if the number has not appeared in history, it is not considered for analysis until it appears in history. This helps strengthen the “Best” factor of this premise.

    Overall: Is the average of Hot and All Averages.
  • Let’s run through an example: Remove one past draw by clicking the scroll button down 1.
    one lottery draw
    You find that the last draw has been targeted and removed; this is now the set of numbers the locator will use for analysis. Also note that the next 6 draws are in the equation indicted with the plus signs.
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  • The Hot setting is set to 18 as shown in the main display showing the 18 hot numbers in red. The blue numbers are the remaining numbers which will also be used in addition to the hot numbers for the “All” range result. The gray numbers are not in play and will not be used in the range locator’s analysis.
    hot lotto numbers
    OK click the Find button, our first result with one past draw removed using 6 past draws is 3 for Hot and 6 for All (all the numbers in play) with an overall average of 4.
    lottery range locator
  • OK remove another draw and click the Find button again. Now we find the individual results for 2 = 3 and 3, 3 for Hot and 3 for All. With two past draws removed using 6 past draws the hot average is still 3 and 4 is now the All average, the overall average is still 4.
    push button lotto
    For this example, let’s repeat this pattern 5 times. The hot average is 4, the All average is 5 and the overall remains at 4 and the drop down will show all the individual results for each draw removed.
    pick the lottery you want
    You will notice Under Create Tickets you find these 3 average results are displayed allowing you to easily select any of the 3 to auto adjust the Draws Calculated for you to select numbers from.
  • To wrap up this section the decision of which range to choose is really up to the strategy you want to play. Looking at the all the individual ranges we notice 3 is fairly dominate; you can also use your gut feeling by checking out all the results.
    Not only that you can also adjust the hot number to 10, 14, 22 or all the way up to the cap of your lotteries pool limit, however that would only give you the exact same results as the ‘All’ results. You can also adjust the amount of past draws to 10, 15, or 40 all the way to the limit of draws you have minus one draw of course, but then again that would only allow one past draw to be analyzed.
    Basically whatever you want to use in your strategy you are able to make the adjustment. In addition you are not required to remove draws in any order either; you can remove every other draw or find ranges for every 5th or 7th draw if you like.
    It’s your program to do what you want, how you want.

    - Once a past draw is removed for analysis the main display will turn Red to show how many hot numbers you have selected and blue to show the remainder of numbers in play.
    - When locator mode is active Hot and Cap are locked, unlock by setting past draws back to zero.
    - Changing Hot Numbers or Draw Cap will clear the previous results on the next run.
    - One strategy is to always override the auto adjustments and always set them to same numbers every draw as your database grows

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