• The Main Display

    The main display is color coded to easily select numbers visually. The legend Lottery Looper Color indicates the frequency in which each color represents.
    lotto legend
    When you have your range of past draws calculated, as here we have 41 draws calculated we find 26 and 39 have only shown once in the last 41 draws and 8 and 15 have shown over 8 times in the last 41 draws.

    The entire pool of numbers for your lottery is displayed here. In this selection we find 1, 44, and 49 are fairly hot numbers where as 33, 34, and 48 are more neutral.
    lottery software that works
  • Any numbers which show up as gray means they have not been drawn as of yet and can be considered due to show. The blue series are considered cold (1) to cool (3), green is neutral, orange is becoming warm, and red and purple are hot or showing very frequently compared to all the other numbers.


    Hover your cursor over any number in the pool to display the exact number of times it has shown in the past draws calculated.

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